Why The Access State Principle Is Crucial

covert hypnosis techniquesThe access state principle, which is also known as ASP, is the key to altering people’s behavior and thoughts. This principle is crucial in covert hypnosis, and this will be addressed in this article.

Most people think that one must be influential, persuasive or have very logical arguments in order to alter or persuade someone. This is not necessarily the case.

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To Change Someone’s Mind, Change Their Mood

Logical and persuasive arguments are useful in their own right, but a much more effective persuasion technique is to change someone’s mood instead of their mind.

You’ll find that once someone’s mood has changed, their mind will naturally follow and this concept comes directly from the Access State Principle.

Imagine that a person’s nervous system is like a set of disco lights, and everytime that a unique alteration a new light lights up, and a new state is created. This state is complicated because it can be physiological or is can be emotional.

Example Of The Access State Principle

Take for example that you wake up in the morning and you just remember the dream that you had last night, and you’re still lying in bed in the exact same position as you recall your dream.

But as soon as you begin to move, whether it’s to roll over, sit up or get out of bed completely, your dream will then start to fade away from your mind. This is because your neurology is also part with your physiology which is the way that you carry yourself.

covert hypnosis techniques

So if you want to change the way a person feels or behaves, you must change their standing and the way that they carry themselves. You need to alter their way of thinking, particularly the images that they create in their own minds.

You’ll also need to take charge of the emotional triggers that actually set off these different thoughts and feelings that someone has within them.

By using covert hypnosis, the concept of Access State Principle becomes ten times more powerful simply because hypnosis is the foundation to magnify experiences to become more intense.

If you were to take a state where a particular person is adequate at performing something, and then you intensify their state, their ability to perform that particular task improves and improves continuously.

This allows you to help sports people to become better athletes, sales people to be better at selling, shy people to become more confident and the possibilities are endless.

The Key To Peak Performance Is States

Anything that you do that requires peak performance revolves around the general principle of being in the right state.

Take for example sporting athletes. Before they engage in a big match, game or fight, they have a mental ritual designed to trigger the emotional response required for them to be in a peak performing state.

Learning the Access State Principle helps people to enter the type of states that improves their performance ability at the highest level, whether it’s their ability to solve problems, focus on specific goals or the ability to be inspired. Knowing and being able to apply this information will open the door to changing people’s moods.


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