Who is Steven Peliari?

Ever since the day that Steven Peliari went to see a stage hypnosis show in Las Vegas, he was instantly hooked. The impact that the show had on his life massively inspired him to become a professional hypnotist himself.

Steven’s goal was not and is never to become as popular as other famous hypnotist such as Igor Ledochowski. A popularity contest simply doesn’t appeal to him. Instead, he focused his efforts on mastering the many different levels of mentalism, most notably –  hypnosis, mind control and character reading.

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Steven’s Journey to Become a Master Hypnotist

Steven PeliariThe journey to become a master hypnotist eventually led Steven to come into contact with one of the grand masters of a covert hypnosis organization, who would become his mentor for a number of years.

Since then, Steven has been intensely studying and applying new covert hypnosis techniques (read about them here) everyday, even venturing into very advanced and unconventional techniques.

The inventor of modern hypnosis, Dr. Milton Erickson has had a great influence everyone involved in the subject of hypnosis. Steven was no exception. However, just like Igor Ledochowski, he took things to a whole new level and applied different methods from recently discovered hypnotic research.

The extensive knowledge Steven gained and having a keen eye meant that he was able to replicate the behavior of stage hypnotists, faith healers and mentalists in the media.

Just like with any great student in their respective field, Steven threw away the ineffective methods and implemented his own, forming techniques that would actually work in the real world without his subjects having any idea at all.

In terms of his professional life, Steven founded and is the Chairman of the International Hypnosis Association, which was set up to uphold the integrity of hypnosis courses and certification bodies.

Because of his expertise in the subject of mind manipulation, several advertising agencies hired Steven to help them with their advertising campaigns.

However, it was his frustration with the amount of ineffective online hypnosis courses that Steven decided to construct his best work, the popular and highly rated course The Art of Covert Hypnosis. It was the result from years of sweat, hard work and continuous improvement of the techniques he mastered.

Why is ‘The Art of Covert Hypnosis’ so Popular?

Being highly knowledgeable in a specific subject is not enough to teach. You have to be able to connect with your audience in a manner that they can easily identify with. This is what Steven is good at, because let’s face it, he was just like us when starting to learn hypnotism.

He’s been through the struggles that we’re currently facing. So in his course, he teaches the techniques that work in real life situations from seducing the opposite sex to being a highly effective sales person.

If you’re a complete newbie at this, that’s even better because Steven’s writing style is straightforward and no nonsense. You won’t be confused with all the jargon and unnecessary information.

The only condition that he wants you to meet when you begin his course – Always come clean on whoever you decide to hypnotize and don’t abuse your power.

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