Who is Paul Mckenna?

One of the most famous hypnotists to come out of the English shores, is none other than Paul McKenna. He’s helped millions of people around the world to successfully improve their own lives through his bestselling books, CD’s and DVD’s.

The topics that Paul covers include losing weight, increasing confidence, overcoming insomnia, getting rid of stress and quitting smoking.

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Paul McKenna’s Journey to Self-Improvement Hypnosis

Born in Hackney, East London in 1963, McKenna initially had little interest in the subject of hypnotism. He was however, highly educated in his studies and earned two doctorates from the business school International Management Centres Association (IMCA) and LaSalle University in Louisiana.

From the age of 16, McKenna worked in radio at the in-store Radio Topshop. He went on to present for a number of stations including Chiltern Radio, Radio Caroline, Radio Jackie, Capital Radio, BBC Radio One and the TV channel Music Box.

It was during one of his radio shows that McKenna had a hypnotist as a guest, that led to a developed interest in hypnotism. At first, McKenna only wanted to experiment with the mind for self-improvement reasons, but his fascination would later be utilized for entertainment purposes.

paul mckenna

McKenna began his hypnotic shows initially catering to his friends, then to small audiences in various pubs and clubs. At the same time, he was still working for Capital Radio.

His connection with his employer eventually led him to appear as a regular on Sunday night shows at the Duke Hall, owned by Capital during that period.

McKenna’s shows proved to be successful and he capitalized on his popularity, playing in theaters around the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, USA, Hong Kong and Australia.

The huge momentum that McKenna had going convinced him that his career in radio was all over.

Quitting radio was a good move as McKenna ventured into TV, with ITV broadcasting his first show in 1993, ‘The Hypnotic World of Paul McKenna‘ which combined hypnosis with comedy. It was subsequently shown in 42 countries and the show snowballed into numerous other TV shows and appearances.

Methods and Achievements of Paul McKenna

McKenna learned his hypnosis and NLP skills through Richard Bandler, who was the co-founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He also studied under Roger Callahan, the creator of TFT and the implementation of Thought Field Therapy is evident in many of McKenna’s TV demonstrations.

The skills that McKenna acquired led him to produce 3 million book sales in just 3 years, becoming Britain’s bestselling author in non-fiction.

Hundreds of millions of people in 42 countries around the globe have watched McKenna’s TV shows and live appearances. His popularity and effective methods have even leaked into the upper echelons of sports and entertainment.

Movie stars, rock stars, entrepreneurs, royalty and Olympic gold medalists have all undergone a personal transformation with the help of McKenna.

Paul McKenna’s personality and knowledge of the human mind has made even the most skeptical of people change the way they think. His notable venture into using hypnosis as a form of self-improvement has not only enhanced his character on a professional and business level, but also on a personal level, which has made him a household name.


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