Who is Igor Ledochowski?

He sent shockwaves throughout the hypnosis community upon the release of his record selling bookThe Deep Trance Training Manual Vol. 1’.

He further cemented his credibility with his 6-day ‘Conversational Hypnosis Professional Hypnotherapy’ certification training program.

To put it simply, Igor Ledochowski is the world’s foremost expert and trainer on covert hypnosis.

Not only was he the first hypnotist to release a full audio course on conversational hypnosis, but The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is also the number one best-selling hypnosis course in the world.

At the time, it caused much stir and controversy among certain hypnotism associations and hypnotherapists because they believed that it was wrong to teach the average person advanced psychological manipulation without undergoing correct medical training and following a code of conduct. Fortunately, times have changed since then.

Igor Ledochowski was born in 1974, and although he’s still relatively young, he’s accomplished a lot within his field. However, hypnotism wasn’t always a topic of interest for him.

During his time at Exeter University in England, he studied law and after receiving his Bachelor of Laws, he was well on his way to reaching his dream of becoming a hot-shot lawyer. He became just that when he was hired global law firm Linklaters.

The need to learn as quickly as humanly possible was a priority. It’s exactly that attribute which made him a lawyer, and eventually a successful hypnotist. He has to thank his friend who actually told him that hypnosis could accelerate his learning. And it did. Igor was able to accomplish twice the work in half the time.

Igor Ledochowski

But How Did He Do It?

It was from the legendary hypnotist, Dr. Milton Erickson, that presented Igor with the best information through tapes, audios and books, where he would study them intensely day and night.

Igor uncovered five volumes of unpublished works, scanned through countless articles, journals and whatever else that was written by Dr. Erickson.

He even went as far as to train and study with several top Ericksonian therapists, which some of them trained directly with Dr. Erickson himself for a number of years.

Thousands of hours were spent studying hypnosis, so it’s unsurprising that some of the training that Igor received, were actually counter-productive. It took several years for him to uncover the entire truth about hypnosis and within time, it all became second nature to him.

Igor Ledochowski Went From an Avid Learner to a Master Trainer

Several Fortune 500 companies such as Proctor & Gamble, J. Sainsbury and Grant Thornton hired Igor to train their senior level management on using the power of persuasion and covert hypnosis.

By taking what he had learned from Dr. Erickson, Igor isolated the main principles of Dr. Erickson’s work and implemented his own strategy of what he’d call – Complete Covert Hypnosis.

It was truly powerful to turn Dr. Erickson’s semi-covert strategies into truly “under-the-conscious-radar” strategies, where they could easily be implemented into everyday normal conversation without anyone noticing.

Igor’s success in the corporate world led him to open up his own hypnotherapy clinic where he treated patients for issues such as weight problems, smoking issues, fears, phobias and damaged relationships just to name a few.

Private coaching with Igor would set you back a whopping $6,900.

Now, Igor Ledochowski utilizes the Internet to reach a much wider audience to spread his teaching on hypnotism with his number one best-selling home study hypnosis course in the world ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’.

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