What is Street Hypnosis?

Street hypnosis is a type of hypnosis normally performed on random pedestrians for entertainment purposes of spectators and bystanders.

The idea of putting someone in trance can be achieved and is being practiced by numerous street performers for a couple of centuries now.

However, the setting calls for the observance of proper precautions since the unique challenges are normally strange to the hypnotist and the reaction can be unpredictable.

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Bringing a bystander or a spectator into trance can be hazardous and there are subjects who might end up injuring themselves unwittingly.

So before performing street hypnosis, it would be best to recognize all important elements first in order to minimize the risk not just for the hypnotist but for the subject as well. In order to make street hypnosis work, here are some helpful steps that can be followed:

Step #1: Gaining Rapport

Taking some time to establish rapport with the subject is of utmost importance. As a hypnotist, you should be prepared for a catchy and convincing opener.

You can approach the subject by asking them if they want to see the power of their minds but before you get started, make sure to give them a brief explanation regarding street hypnosis, as well as safety precautions that should be taken to gain their trust and make the subject feel comfortable.

Step #2: The Power of Induction

Before you get started, induction should be performed first. Take note that the power of induction in street hypnosis is more rapid compared to traditional hypnosis and this makes use of a couple of special hypnosis techniques.

street hypnosis

Handshake interrupt is the most popular induction where the hypnotist starts by shaking the hand of the subject and interrupts it midway in order to start the suggestion of the routine.

An individual’s mind is more vulnerable to suggestions when confused and interrupting this routine task can create a moment of bewilderment and hesitation on the side of the subject and this can cause nudging from the trance.

Step #3: The Deepening

Reinforcing and deepening the trance is necessary in order to eliminate the risk of the subject emerging from the routine just before you’re ready for it.

One popular method to do this is to apply the backward counting techniques, where each number is turned to the subject’s exhale. This can help you prepare your subject to the suggestions.

Step #4: The Suggestions

The lucidity and self-confidence of the hypnotist are vital when trying to get the subject respond to the instructions.

When preparing suggestions, it is important to keep them entertaining and simple without doing anything that could embarrass or endanger the subject.

The point is to be able to demonstrate the mind’s power and to entertain spectators at the same time. You can try asking the subject to give away his possessions or convince him that he is rooted to his spot and that he will not be able to move.

Step #5: The Awakening

This is considered as the most critical stage in street hypnosis. This is where you will free the subject from the suggestions and bring back their consciousness. This can be done using simple techniques like counting to five or by simply snapping the fingers.

Street hypnosis can result to hypnotic hangover but a good hypnotist should be able to bring his subject back to consciousness with a rejuvenated feeling by adding simple words on his awakening spiel.

Street Hypnosis Conclusion

Street hypnosis is considered as the most common form of hypnosis frequently used entertainment. This form of hypnosis is quick and fun but aside from that, it is also considered as an art since it has to be performed using a total stranger as the subject.

For the part of the hypnotist, this can be very challenging but it could also be a great way to practice the skills.

Also, gaining knowledge regarding street hypnosis is not that hard, since there are lots of experts in the field where hypnotists can actually gain knowledge from. However, take note that practice is necessary in order to master the technique and perform the routine successfully.


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