What is Sleight of Mouth?

covert hypnosis techniquesSleight of Mouth is a method of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Now you might be thinking, what on earth is NLP? Without confusing you by going into too much detail, NLP is a technique used to alter a person’s mind to change their thought process and behavior.

The effective use of persuasion skills are known as Sleight of Mouth. It’s a vehicle that’s employed to reframe the belief systems of someone.

In other words, you can change someone’s mind by saying different things. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you can always get a response that maintains your desired position.

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This means that you’re verbally powerful enough to win every argument, close every sale, dominate all negotiations and overcome any objections.

Sounds pretty powerful right? It truly is and masters of covert hypnosis have perfected this technique down to a tee. They’re often hired by major corporations to teach persuasion techniques to senior levels of management.

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How Sleight of Mouth Works

The concept of Sleight of Mouth came from Robert Dilts who observed and then modelled the persuasion skills of the co-founder of NLP, Richard Bandler.

Dilts was able to come up with 14 original patterns as a result of breaking down the methods Bandler used.

sleight of mouth

An example of this would be, say you were in a scenario where you showed up late for a date again. Your partner probably wouldn’t be too happy about it and would shout:

You’re late again! Which obviously means you don’t care about me

Now there are 14 different responses that can be used:

  1. Reality Strategy: How do you know that being late and caring are the same thing?
  2. Model of the World: Some people believe that caring is displayed by the quality of the date and the outcome.
  3. Counter Example: We both know people who always show up on time but yet are complete idiots when they’re here.
  4. Intent: It’s not my intention to be late or not care. I just want to give you the best quality time.
  5. Redefine: I wasn’t late. I was stuck in traffic
  6. Chunking Up: Are you implying that the most important aspect of our date is arriving on time?
  7. Chunking Down: Specifically, how is being late and not caring the same thing?
  8. Metaphor or Analogy: If a fire fighter is late for dinner because he’s putting out a burning building, does that mean that he doesn’t care about his wife’s cooking?
  9. A Different Outcome: The real question isn’t if I’m late or if I care. The real question is how well I treat you on our date.
  10. Consequence: If I wasn’t late then I wouldn’t have been able to get you this present.
  11. Hierarchy of Criteria: Wouldn’t it be more important to concentrate on what happens during our date rather than my punctuality?
  12. Self-Apply: I really wish you would’ve cared enough about me to let me know earlier.
  13. Changing Frame Size: Within time, you’ll see that I’ve given you more happiness than anyone else who’s more punctual.
  14. Meta Frame: Lots of people are now valuing quality time over being punctual. I thought you’d be more understanding.

Tony Robbins uses Sleight of Mouth

The scenario above can be applied to anything, such as your boss being mad at you for turning up late to work or your wife getting angry at you because you quit your job.

Understanding the process and being able to duplicate those responses no matter what the scenario is, gives you an incredibly powerful advantage.

Masters of the Sleight of Mouth technique can often get their subjects to respond with either “Yes” or “No” to their requests, simply because they’ve manipulated the mind of their subject into giving them the response they want.

Famous motivational speaker and self-help guru, Anthony “Tony” Robbins is profoundly influenced by NLP techniques and implements Sleight of Mouth on a daily basis. He was known to have trained with NLP co-founder John Grinder.

This is the stuff Tony Robbins does on stage but never teaches.” – Sales Manager for Robbins Research International

Robbins is just one example of many people who know how to implement the power of persuasion to the fullest, and look where that’s brought him. Just imagine how far you could take your life if you also implemented Sleight of Mouth successfully everyday.


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