What Is Self-Hypnosis And How Does It Work?

If you want to improve your life by the means of influencing other people to follow your suggestions, then you would learn covert hypnosis, which is the art of communicating with one’s unconscious mind without that person knowing.

However, if you want to improve your life by following your own suggestions internally, then you would need to perform self-hypnosis.

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Self-hypnosis makes you more compliant with your own requests or desires, which is why it’s so effective for millions of people around the world.

This can be achieved through listening to pre-recorded audio or if you’re more experienced, then you can devise your own self-hypnosis scripts (see them here) and go through the procedure on yourself.

Origins Of Self-Hypnosis


One of the earliest recorded accounts of self-hypnosis was by Scottish physician, surgeon and hypnotist, James Braid.

In his 1850’s book Observations on Trance or Human Hybernation, Braid recounts an incident in September 1844, where he suffered a severe attack of rheumatism which affected the left side of his neck and chest and his entire left arm. The pain was so much that he couldn’t sleep for 3 nights in a row.

It was then that Braid decided to turn to hypnosis, within the presence of 2 friends who were experienced in this subject. He gave the instructions to his friends to arouse him when he had passed enough into the condition.

Sure enough, after 9 minutes had passed they aroused him and his pain was gone.

There were still slight effects of stiffness but no pain until a week after, where it had slightly returned but disappeared after Braid performed the self-hypnosis process again.

Braid’s story is very similar to Dr Milton Erickson’s accounts of self-hypnosis in his younger years. Both experienced severe conditions which brought on extreme pain, and both times the act of self-hypnosis helped to eliminate their pain.

This goes to show just how effective self-hypnosis can be and today, hypnosis has developed profoundly into helping all areas of life.

How Does Self-Hypnosis Work?

The reason why you’re more prone to accepting suggestions in a state of a hypnotic trance is because you’re sending conscious signals to the brain which makes it go to sleep.

In many cases, self-hypnosis involves muscle relaxation, controlled breathing, heart rate control and then a form of suggestion whether it’s through words or mental imagery.

As a result, you learn how to distract your mind from unwanted thoughts and instead, plant the positive suggestions that coincides with your desires. There are no ill side effects and is completely safe to perform, but you must understand the procedure otherwise it will not work effectively.

What Is Self-Hypnosis Used For?

The act of self-hypnosis was initially used to deal with painful conditions but has developed into other areas such as stress therapy, improving confidence, losing weight, sleeping better and so on.

More and more people are becoming aware of how just how effective self-hypnosis is and they’re turning to it because conventional treatment is just not working out for them.

Serious conditions such as the one seen in John Braid’s story above can be cured. People with the most severe symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have been cured with hypnosis by focusing their mind on their bowels working perfectly normal.

It sounds simple but the mind is a truly complex and powerful tool. Modern conventional doctors still won’t accept acts of hypnosis as a normal practice but history and evidence proves that hypnosis is just as effective, if not more than modern medicine.

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