Steps For Using Hypnosis For Insomnia

Using Hypnosis For Insomnia

Wouldn’t it be nice to just fall straight to sleep whenever you needed to?

Too many people struggle to do so constantly in a daily ritual of going to bed, letting their minds race, and finding themselves still fully awake an hour or two later.

When something never works, it’s time to change your approach. You can learn to control your own mind and body while removing sleep destroying habits with self hypnosis. It’s easy to learn and takes very little time to do.

Using sleep hypnosis techniques will leave you calm, relaxed, and drowsy. Perfect for falling asleep.

Breathing Technique

When you think of hypnosis, do you only consider the brain? That is what hypnosis targets, right? Not quite. The state of your body affects the mind.

When your body is tense, your mind won’t want to slow down.

When your body is relaxed, your mind can relax. The brain and body work together and are like mirrors to one another. Because of that, sleep hypnosis techniques must work on both to be effective.

First, relax the body. Meditative breathing is an excellent start. In a way, meditation is like hypnosis. Both relax you until you reach a trance state.

The difference is what you do after you start the breathing exercise. But first, here’s how to breath.

  • Step 1: Don’t hold in your gut. That limits how far the diaphragm can move, and therefore how much air the lungs can take in.
  • Step 2: Keep your back fairly straight. Now breath into the stomach. When it starts to take an effort to do so, switch to breathing into the chest, letting your shoulders rise.
  • Step 3: When you breath back out, start with the stomach, then move back to the chest. Let your shoulders fall. This rolling breath technique completely fills the lungs.
  • Step 4: Focus only on your breath. Inhale. Think ‘breath in.’ Exhale. Think ‘breath out.’ Do this for about 5 to 10 breaths.
  • Step 5: The body has begun to relax, and the mind has something other than distracting thoughts to focus on. Now the body needs to completely relax. Start with your facial muscles. Try to notice how tense they are. You probably never noticed before. Let it fall away.
  • Step 6: Roll your shoulders. Going down your arms, flex one muscle at a time. Then let that tension go. Repeat the process for your torso and legs. At this point, your body should be like jelly.
  • Step 7: While you’re focused on this breathing exercise, your mind follows your body into a slow calmness. Let yourself sink into it and drift away.

Shutting Down The Mind

Sometimes the mind remains completely awakens even when the body is calm.

Using Hypnosis For Insomnia

Maybe you woke up in the middle of the night and even meditative breathing won’t take you all the way back into the land of slumber. A different technique is used to shut down your brain.

Pay attention to what you’re thinking about. We all hear our thoughts as an inner voice. Whatever your inner voice is saying, you can change how it affects you. Take what it’s saying and change how it’s saying it. They are your thoughts. They will do what you want them to do.

  • Step 1: Start with the tone. Is your inner voice irritated at waking up? Excited at the day ahead? Is it sad? Make it sound happy, even if you’re thinking negative things. Repeat the thought a few times in a happy tone.
  • Step 2: Now imagine it’s coming from somewhere just outside your head. Repeat it several more times, each time imagining it’s coming from further away until it feels like it’s in another room. Distancing thoughts like that makes it seem like they belong to someone else, like they don’t affect you.
  • Step 3: Keep repeating that now happy, distant thought. Make it sound a bit drowsy, getting more tired every repeat. Add some yawning. Soon, whatever thoughts were keeping you awake are away from you and sounding drowsier as time goes on. Notice how that feels.
  • Step 4: Focus on one part of your body at a time, like in the breathing exercise, and use that voice to narrate in the first person that you are relaxing each muscle. At the end, relax your mind.

Once you know the method for using hypnosis for insomnia, it’ll get easier and easier. There are self-hypnosis videos and audios available on the Internet if you wish to hear someone else instructing you. You’ll learn to fall asleep when you want to, and feel calm, relaxed, and fully rested when you wake up.


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