Tips For Using Hypnosis For Depression

Many people across the globe suffer from depression without being aware of that fact.

Some people try to come out of it by consulting psychotherapists and psychiatrists and taking the anti-depression drugs prescribed for them.

While a lucky few get the benefits of consuming these drugs and come out of depression, a vast majority of those are not that lucky.

People that are taking medication to come out of depression are still struggling to cope and many end up worse for several reasons.

  • 1. Psychotic drugs are addictive
  • 2. They have many dangerous side effects
  • 3. Since the psychiatry and pharmaceutical industry work together, drugs are often prescribed without proper diagnosis and the reason behind that? Money

Hypnosis has proven to be an effective way of curing depression because they have no ill side effects, will enhance your life and is a lot cheaper in the long run.

Why Use Hypnosis For Depression?

Hypnosis has found relatively good success in treating depression as it directly deals with the underlying causes of depression and helps to develop the right coping behavioral patterns.

using hypnosis for depression

It makes you feel much more positive in life and aids you to come out of the negative thought making process. Hypnosis can help you to give up pessimistic thoughts and feel more optimistic about your future.

Example Techniques

Hypnotherapists use a combination of positive affirmations and imagery to make you feel positive and optimistic. The positive affirmations are usually given in the form of self suggestions, which you should keep repeating to your mind.

These positive inner suggestions to the mind would usually be in the form of positive present statements. Some of the affirmative suggestions include:

  • I am doing well today
  • I feel happy and relaxed at this moment
  • I am really worthwhile and be useful and helpful to others
  • I am doing a great job
  • I am feel at peace
  • I am in control of the situation

These are some of the examples of positive affirmative statements that hypnotherapists would use on their depressed patients.

Before actually providing these affirmation messages, the hypnotherapist would bring you to a relaxed and a peaceful state of mind.

They would relax the different parts of your body in a progressive manner starting from the head. You would then instruct your own mind to start counting in numbers and associate a particular part of the body to that number.

For example:

  • Number 1 can be associated to relaxing the head
  • Number 2 for relaxing the neck
  • Number 3 for relaxing the shoulder

…and so on till you reach the feet of your body. At that stage, the aim would be for you to feel completely relaxed and at peace with yourself.

In this peaceful state, the hypnotherapist would start to send positive affirmation messages to your subconscious mind designed to alter certain behavior patterns.

Benefits From Using Hypnosis For Depression

Hypnotism also proves to be quite effective in treating anxiety and stress which are usually associated with depression. When the anxiety level gets reduced, the individual tends to feel relaxed.

using hypnosis for depression

A relaxed mind can start to think positively thereby quickly getting in to a cheerful mood. It also helps the individual to come out with new responses to handle stressful situations.

Hypnotism allows them to reprise the distressful memories that had pushed them into depression. It will help the person to devise ways to get rid of the painful memories.

The affected mind will be filled with positive thoughts and ideas, replacing the negative thoughts that had once filled the mind.

If you’re suffering bouts of depression, hypnotism can definitely help to eliminate this dreadful condition, because it essentially, it tackles the mind which is the cause for depression.

The time and effectiveness depends not only on the techniques applied by the skilled hypnotherapist, but also your willingness to open up to such methods.


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