Techniques For Using Hypnosis For Anxiety

Using Hypnosis For Anxiety

Hypnosis is an effective tool to treat anxiety. Your rational mind is under siege under a panic attack, but because hypnosis can work on your subconscious mind, it can calm a person with a simple physical trigger.

Anxiety is one of the most common psychological disorders in today’s fast paced society. Hypnosis plays a pivotal role as a anti anxiety agent.

Due to its effectiveness, many people who are plagued with anxiety issues has jumped on the bandwagon to use hypnosis to treat their anxiety. Here are some ways to use hypnosis for anxiety.

1. Relaxation

Make sure your body and mind feel at ease when you start the hypnosis session. Both a mental and physical state, relaxation can help stop anxiety by creating an experience of calmness.

In relaxation, your body slows down and your heart and breathing rate attains good and natural baseline rhythms. By relaxing, your mind slowly feels detached from the worries and stress.

2. Counting Method

Some patients respond best to the counting method. There are many variations of the methods. Some people would prefer counting down while some would prefer slow counting progressing from one.

As the counting progress, the relaxation should become more profound, eventually reaching the most relaxed stage at the end of the session.

Take each step slowly counting each number as you go along.Tell yourself that you are getting more relaxed with every step taken. Take your time and let your body settle into the tranquil and calm mode.

3. Imagery with Counting

using hypnosis for anxiety

While counting, you can picture yourself walking down the steps to your most desired destination.

Imagery is one of the most powerful tool of hypnosis. As you count, you can picture yourself on the beach, garden or a paradise, a destination that holds a special place in your heart.

It should be a place where you are the most carefree and stress-free. In this special and unique place, you will find all sorts of wonderful emotions as well as total relaxation that flows throughout your body and mind.

4. Sense of Touch

The use of touch in hypnosis is another way to treat anxiety. The sense of touch can be applied to induce and suggest relaxation and happy emotions.

One example of which is when the patient’s head is touched, the patient is told that his or her arm is in a totally relaxed mode. In this manner, the feelings of relaxation will begin to spread throughout the body.

5. Direct Suggestion

Direct suggestion gives you instructions and actions that are direct to the point. In direct suggestions, you respond to the words instead of images.

For example, words like you fall asleep quickly, sleeping soundly through the night and wake up feeling very refreshed.

Such suggestions are the most effective when coupled with the correct breathing techniques. They can help your body to let go of the physical and mental stress that you may be experiencing.

6. Imagery Suggestion

In imagery suggestion, positive mental pictures can be relaxing and soothing for an individual. One can make use of the multiple sensory modalities during the hypnosis session.

They can talk about the sights, smells and sounds that one will experience in the setting of the positive mental image.

7. Deepening Suggestion

As the name suggests, this methods puts you into a deeper trance. It helps you to focus and improve your trance state in different ways.

using hypnosis for anxiety

It is one of the easiest techniques to use in situations when you are in the anxiety state.

For example, you use the power of your mind to think that your eyes are so shut that you cannot open them. They are tightly shut.


If you have experienced anxiety attacks and looking for a method to reduce your anxiety and stress, hypnosis may be the answer to your problem. It can help you to calm down and remove your panic and fear.

It serves as a reminder for your mind and body to relax and stay relaxed even in the most difficult situations. It is a therapy that puts you in control physically and mentally. Learning these techniques will help you confront the most challenging situations and trains your brain and body to remain cool at all times.


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