Top 7 Special Conversational Hypnosis Techniques

covert hypnosis techniquesConversational hypnosis, which is also known as covert hypnosis, is a complex skill to master.

Initially, learning all the different conversational hypnosis techniques may at first seem awkward, very much like driving a car, but once you piece all the bits of information together, it all starts to make sense and your performance will become natural.

The following points represents specific techniques inside a wider and more sophisticated conversational hypnosis model.

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1) Heightened State Of Awareness

In order to spot trance signals much easier, especially ones that are very subtle, you will need to practice on improving your heightened state of awareness, which is part of the signal recognition system.

When you master this skill,  it allows you to be aware of all the minute details of your surroundings. Your eyes, ears and feelings will be wide open, enabling you to see changes in your environment, from the weather to people.

2) Hypnotic Triples

Hypnotic triples are part of the persistence tactics authority strategy of covert hypnosis, which is used to ensure a successful hypnotic experience for your subject.

It includes the use of hypnotic triples, which is the idea of repeating things over and over again, and the more you repeat it, the more it will sink into your subject’s unconscious mind, and they will accept the message as being true.

3) Law Of Successive Approximations

This is another technique that’s part of the persistence tactics strategy. It involves seeding ideas within someone’s mind which you will revisit time and time again. Every time you revisit these ideas, you must allow these seeds to grow bit by bit.

In essence, what you’re doing is you’re initially asking for small change, then you start adding more and more onto that chain. In order to have a deep trance phenomena, make sure that you start off with something simple and easy to do, and then progressively but slowly build upon it.

4) Law Of Compounding Effect

covert hypnosis techniques

Once again, as part of the persistence tactics strategy, the law of compounding effect means that every time someone responds to one of your suggestions and it has a positive effect, your next suggestions must be even more powerful than the one preceding it.

This way, you’re always building off the point of your last successes. As soon as one suggestion works, the next one has been primed and has a greater chance of being more effective.

However, if any of your suggestions have a negative effect, then you must go back to your last point of success and build from that again.

5) Special Trance Voice

In covert hypnosis, there are two types of tonalities – Trance tonalities and non-trance tonalities. Whenever you start doing trance processes, you must begin to progressively move onto your trance tonalities.

This includes creating a clear cut distinction between a conscious and an unconscious voice. Once you’re more familiar with that, you can start adding more layers on top.

This means that you can have a separate hypnotic voice for deep trances and another for conversational trances, which is a bit lighter. Your subject will be jumping in and out of trances without even realizing it.

You should also have another voice when teaching people things, so that they can learn more easily. A different voice is created to achieve different goals.

6) Hot Words

Hot words is a technique that is within the confinements of the precision language category. They are words that have a lot of emotional significance attached to them, so naturally when they’re used, people feel a certain way in accordance to what word is used.

When used in the right context and hypnotic theme, using words such as “baby”, “comfort”, “love” and “trust” will incite a positive and warm feeling inside your subject. The next step after hot words are powerful hypnotic words, which are words to use in context to imply trance.

7) Amplification Language

Like hot words, these are in the category of precision language as well. You must use language as a way of amplifying the trance experience. Using words such as “instantly”, “now” and “suddenly” are ways to accelerate specific actions that the subject is supposed to take.

When these words are used during covert hypnosis, they will suddenly create more dramatic tension, thus having a greater impact on the unconscious mind while demanding a response from it.


Please bear in mind that the above conversational hypnosis techniques cannot be used exclusively by themselves.

In order for them to work effectively, you must first understand the entire model that surround these techniques. Take the time to learn the framework of covert hypnosis and you will understand how the above techniques fit into place.


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