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    covert hypnosis techniquesComedy hypnosis shows have been very popular for a while because they capture the public’s imagination and the sheer outrageousness and silliness of some acts often gets some people wondering if it’s all real.

    More often than not, it is real and participants of these acts are more than happy to be hypnotized so that they can steal the show.

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    But in order to do that, the suggestions need to be hilarious. Here are 7 of the funniest hypnosis suggestions.

    1. Speaking Another Language

    If you’ve ever learned a whole new language from scratch, then you’ll realize how difficult such a task can be. It’s often funny hearing someone trying their best to pronoun certain words in another language, but when they’re totally convinced that they can in fact speak that language, it’s hilarious.

    When under a hypnotic trance, give a suggestion to your subject that they can speak…let’s say Chinese, and listen to them chatting away in their own interpretation of the language. Their expressions are just as funny as what they’re trying to say.

    2. Puff Puff Pass

    funny hypnosis suggestionsFor anyone who smokes Cannabis, then you should know the procedure. It goes puff, puff then pass.

    Sounds quite simple right?

    Apparently not when you’re under the influence…not of the plant itself, but of hypnosis. The whole aim is to make the subject/s believe that a joint is in rotation, but when it comes round to one unlucky individual, you don’t give him their turn.

    Watch his reaction as he becomes baffled and annoyed at the pure cheekiness of it all. Don’t worry about his initial animosity against you, because you can always bring out the bong for him. Imaginary of course.

    3. Turning Back The Clock

    Everyone just wants to be happy. It’s the key to a successful life. Dealing with the stress from paying bills, working, looking after the kids and whatever else it may be only comes when you reach adulthood.

    Many of the happier times come from when we were kids, so why not turn back the clock and experience being young again?

    Watch as your subject believes that he or she is a child once again, just like in the Diesel advert for Christmas time.

    See the joy on their face as they see their presents, and see their expressions change when they find out they’re not getting anything. But all in good spirit, they should get all the toys they desire.

    funny hypnosis suggestions4. Snake Attack!

    The sight of a snake usually makes people very cautious. Actually being attacked by a snake will leave people petrified and hysterical.

    As for the audience, it’ll leave them in a hysterical state also, but in laughter instead of fear.

    Your subject will be convinced that you’re holding a snake, when you’re really holding a belt for example, and watch their hilarious reaction as you toss the “snake” about while standing right next to him and adding a hissing noise for added effect.

    5. Did You Just Touch My Ass?

    Touching a random stranger’s bottom is considered very rude to say the least. If it were to happen to you, you’d be thinking “did he/she do that by accident or deliberately?”, you’ll soon find out the answer if they were to do it again.

    The unsuspecting subject will believe that the person sat next to him/her has just touched their ass. They’ll begin to get squeamish (unless they don’t mind it of course) and will eventually try to avoid that person. What will be even funnier is if they were to believe that anyone next to him/her was in on it too!

    6. The Most Repulsive Person

    You’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve found someone to be so repulsive that you just couldn’t stand being in their presence. Whether they did something disgusting or they’re just pure annoying.

    For this suggestion, the subject won’t know why they feel repulsed in the presence of yourself or someone else, but it’s funny enough observing their reaction. Try shaking their hand or touching their arm, and you’ll see how quick they move away.

    7. So You’re A Tough Guy Huh?

    For some reason, it always feels satisfying when you see a seemingly “tough guy” ball their eyes out or terrified out of their wits, which is why this is one of the funniest suggestions to employ.

    The chances are, they will probably already be scared of insects but you don’t have any real ones of course. So you’ll have to give the suggestion to your subject that there is actually a giant spider right in front of him.

    Watching him jump around in a frenzy will surely make your day. If that’s not enough, you can always tell him that he’s an emotional wreck so he cries like he did when he was just a baby boy.


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