Top 5 Q&A – Igor Ledochowski

Igor Ledochowski Interview

Igor Ledochowski is perhaps the most famous covert hypnotist currently. He does private coaching and public seminars all over the world, as well as having his own online courses.

If you have any questions about covert hypnosis, then he’s the man to ask. In no particular order, here are the top 5 most commonly asked questions in covert hypnosis.

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1) How do you get confident in doing hypnosis?

Igor Ledochowski:It’s a question that a lot of people keep asking. The answer is very simple – It’s practice. You have to keep doing it until it becomes a natural way of you communicating and doing things. Now, the key to practicing is how or what are you practicing?

You see, a lot of people go out there and try to hypnotize someone, and then they have fear like ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ and so on. So all they’re doing is practicing the feelings of performing anxiety.

The simplest way to get confident is to make sure that you have no performance anxiety, which means that there’s no result for you to get. So don’t tell people necessarily that you’re doing hypnosis straight away, just say ‘we’re going to do some relaxation training.’ You’re doing a mind game. You’re doing an imagination game. ‘I want to see how well your mind focuses on things’.

These are all different frames that you can use with people, that takes the pressure away of having to hypnotize them straight away.

Once the pressure is gone, you can go back to having fun with this. When you’re having fun, and you’re practicing with that spirit of enthusiasm, it all becomes really easy. Your confidence level will soar within minutes. So go ahead and do that. Enjoy it.

2) When you do a hypnotherapy sessions, how long will it last?

Igor Ledochowski:Will it last for a lifetime, or will it regress? Well, the idea is that it should last for a lifetime. If you’re doing your job well, what you’re doing is setting a little seed inside the mind, which is like a tree, it will grow.

Like a tree however, there can be diseases that come, that can harm that seed and prevent it from full growth. If things go wrong like that, that tree can die, which means the person will regress.

Planting Seeds
You must plant strong and healthy seeds in the unconscious mind.

So our job as hypnotherapists is to make sure that seed is firmly planted, and we have all the nutrients surrounding the subconscious so they can deal with things in life.

The simple way to do that is to anticipate what might destroy that seed, this idea, this change. It could be family saying ‘oh, let’s pull you back to who you were’. It could be some temptation that you haven’t thought about. It could be some external factor like a stress signal that usually doesn’t happen.

The point though is, if you identify those things and you can by the way, have the unconscious mind bring those things out for you too. If you’re doing this, then you create a strong, solid root system, which means the tree can grow, even if it’s struck by lightning. A shoot will come from the stump, and it’ll be stronger for it.

3) The Intensive eyes can be a force of good in the world, but how do you do it in day-to-day living?

Igor Ledochowski:Have a look around you. See how that makes you feel. That feeling, is H+ (a powerful mindset). If you have a conversation with someone, and all you’re doing is going ‘uhhh..yea…life is really exciting [monotone voice]’, there’s not a lot of H+ there.

But if you look at them, I mean really look at them, and you get a sense of who they are and say ‘do you know what, I think we’re going to have SUCH a good time today. I mean, look at this place!’. You can feel that charge inside you, and that’s what they will feel. When they feel it, you’ve got it.

So go ahead, be a force of good in the world, and you’ll find that you enjoy your life so much more for doing that.

4) Does hypnosis work on sceptics?

Igor Ledochowski:Well, much like this stuff [points to Shamanic ornaments] can work on people who have no understanding of the mindset and the belief system, that works into this. Hypnosis has the same thing. The key thing is, can you get inside someone’s mind and trigger the unconscious mind?

Covert hypnosis can work on skeptics too.
The key is to work faster.

If you touch their unconscious mind, it really doesn’t matter what the conscious mind is thinking. It will still work. So the best thing to do is to find ways of preventing the conscious mind or the critical factor from sabotaging it.

So here’s a secret to working with skeptics. Work faster. This is one of the hardest lessons that I’ve ever had to learn. When skeptics use to come to my clinic, I use to be terrified and take things really slowly to make sure that I had every step under control, when actually, the reverse was the case.

The faster I worked, instant induction, quick pieces of change, their minds cannot keep up. And at that point, we work at the speed of the unconscious mind, which is a lot faster. So, if you meet a sceptic now, use your instant inductions, work faster and they’ll be so surprised, they’ll become instant converts for life.

5) How do I know I’m doing hypnosis right?

Igor Ledochowski:First thing we have to get right is, you get the result that you’re looking for. So if you’re putting people into nice, comfortable, relaxing trances, they’re relaxed.

The next layer of that of course, is that you start testing your work. Now I can’t begin to tell you how important that is. How do you test your work? You give people a suggestion, and you make sure that they actually react on it, respond to it.

The simplest suggestion to test are suggestibility demos. For example, the stiff arm or the sway, or the dictionary balloon, things like that. When you do these things, they instantly give you a sense of ‘oh my god, this is really working’ or ‘well, it didn’t quite work right now, so I better change something about what I do’.

So make sure that you always test your work, and you’ll always know that you’re on the right path.

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