Top 5 Precision Language Techniques

Precision language are words you must use during conversational hypnosis in order to have a greater impact in your interactions with people.

Such words will induce a powerful and emotional response from people, and once people respond to you on an emotional level, it means they’re responding to you on an unconscious level also.

Here are 5 precision language covert hypnosis techniques that will induce a hypnotic trance in people all by themselves.

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1) Hot Words

Hot words are very effective for bringing out emotions in people. They are universal terms of the western culture of North America and Europe, and have been heavily embedded within their cultures.

Comparing both these statements, which one has more of an emotional impact:

The elder succumbed to the cold.

The old man froze to death.

Both statements have three hot words each, and are both pretty grim statements but the second one will get more of an emotional response from people.

When the words old man, froze and death are used independently, they appear neutral but when put together, they are very powerful, and should be used to create an unconscious response from your subjects.

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2) Hypnotic Words

Hypnotic words are similar to hot words in terms of conjuring up emotions in people, but differ in the type of emotions. They can be used at any stage of the hypnotic process and they’re designed to cause trance or begin a trance process in someone.

Words such as:

  • Fascination
  • Hypnotized
  • Mesmerized

They all bring up a whole bunch of memories of a time when you was in amazement of something, and it’s a positive and uplifting feeling. All these memories will be focused on that particular word.

So any words that implies the fixation of attention will already begin to activate in your subject’s neurology the trance response required for the first stage of the hypnotic process.

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3) Personal Trance Words

Hot words and hypnotic words, they both have universal meanings that any English understanding person can relate to them.

covert hypnosis techniques

In contrast, personal trance words are words that are unique to an individual therefore, they have much more of a special significance to that particular person.

For example, let’s just say that your partner described your honeymoon as being beautiful. The weather was beautiful. The food was beautiful. The entire experience was beautiful.

Now everytime that the word beautiful is used, it will bring back all these memories of your honeymoon. It will incite feelings of relaxation and happiness. That particular word will forever hold a huge significance for you.

Some personal trance words will be negative and others will be positive, so you must make sure that you only use the positive words. Another tip is, whenever you use a personal trance word on a subject, make sure that you use it with the same tonality and rhythm each time so it has a greater impact on triggering emotions.

4) Action Accelerators

Action accelerators are words that are designed to put pressure on someone to take a certain action quickly and efficiently. These include words such as:

  • Now
  • Quickly
  • Suddenly
  • Immediately

If you were to say to someone:

Tell me a name. Quickly.

They will use their instincts more instead of thinking about it, therefore they’re likely think of someone that is closely associated with them in some way. This means that anytime people are following their instincts in making a quick decision, an unconscious response is activated, which is ideal for the hypnotic process.

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5) Anticipation Builders

You may have noticed that you tend to want something more if someone tells you that you can’t do it or have it.

It’s a bit like when you was a child, and it was a few weeks before your birthday. You would have all these presents wrapped up but you wasn’t allowed to touch them until your birthday.

The anticipation builds up gradually day by day, and with each passing day, you would get more and more excited. Why do these feelings occur?

It’s because it cannot be gratified straight away.

So in terms of covert hypnosis, the general principle is that whenever you frustrate a response by a little bit, it will want to strengthen.

Words such as:

  • Gradually
  • Eventually
  • Within time
  • Sooner or later
  • Finally

These are all anticipation builders and serve to hold back someone’s response.

It’s kind of like when two boxers are in the corner, waiting for the first bell. They cannot wait to hear it and release all their energy at each other. Then when that first bell finally rings, all that built-up anticipation leading up to the fight is released.

Action accelerators and anticipation builders both go hand in hand, and when used together, they create a very powerful effect.


It’s important to know under what circumstances to use certain precision language words, who to use them to and how to use them.

They are actually very simple to use and can be used in so many different situations, but there are also many varying factors that will dictate how great your impact on someone will be.

You must learn how to do entire process that precision language is a part of, in order to be successful in covert hypnosis. I would highly recommend that you check out Igor Ledochowski’s The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis course if you want a step-by-step guide on how to master covert hypnosis.


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