The Benefits and Dangers of Mass Hypnosis

Using mass hypnosis for grand scale mind control is not magic. In fact, various important events were influenced by mass hypnosis, and to a certain extent, several popular personalities have even used their charisma and special talents to induce a certain degree of mind control over their audience.

Marketing executives, politicians and even actors often employ mass hypnosis in their line of work.

Although the type of hypnosis that they use are fairly subtle, you can be sure that they have a powerful effect on the minds of people they are trying to influence. The only reason why most people take such things for granted is that they are inundated by them.

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Mass Hypnosis in the Media

Commercials, magazines, websites and anything else that involves the mass media employ a certain degree of mass hypnosis on their audience.

Much of this came from the work of Edward Bernays, one of the pioneers of mass advertizing as well as Sigmund Freud’s nephew. Using some of his uncle’s work in analytical psychology, Bernays developed special marketing techniques that employed mass hypnosis in order to sell specific products.

mass hypnosis on tv

You may not be aware of it, but watching certain ads on TV or on the internet can place you into a state of trance. Subliminal suggestions are then introduced into your psyche to prompt you to buy certain products and items.

You may think that people are completely capable of making wise choices in the things they buy, but the truth is that the feelings and choices of most consumers are controlled by large marketing firms on behalf of their clients.

The largest news corporations are often controlled by the same people who have interests in defense contracts such as Westinghouse (CBS) and General Electric (NBC). It really makes you suspicious.

It doesn’t end with the corporations though. Different institutions and organizations, from large international bodies to local clubs and organizations, want to influence the opinions and thoughts of the average person, and they often employ the same mass hypnotic techniques used in commercials.

Consider, for example, how certain special interest groups spin their stories to make their side more sympathetic and their opponent’s side more insidious.

These organizations use the same techniques marketing firms use. The only difference is that they promote ideas and positions as opposed to products.

As disturbing as this may seem to most people however, what you need to understand is that mass hypnosis is a crucial part of mass culture. You can, however, overcome its effects by being aware of it, and taking steps to avoid it. After all, if you know how a particular magic trick works, it won’t surprise you any more.

How Does Mass Hypnosis Work?

Now, there are several theories behind mass hypnosis. One popular explanation is that hypnosis has a powerful effect on the Amygdala section of the brain.

mass hypnosis affects the Amygdala

The Amygdala is responsible for processing powerful emotions, such as fear or anger. In theory, the use of certain stimuli can overload the Amygdala, causing the affected person to become open or vulnerable to external suggestion. This is one of the most popular theories behind mass hypnosis.

Of course, there are other theories offered about the nature of mass hypnosis, but at this point everything is still up for discussion. Nevertheless, you may be glad to know that anyone can do mass hypnosis. All it takes is a certain degree of rapport and connection with your audience.

Consider, for example, motivation speakers. Those guys establish a good rapport with their audience, and this allows them tap into people’s subconscious thoughts. Once you’ve established this feeling among your audience, you will be able exploit their desires.

mass hypnosis in US congress

Although this may seem somewhat arcane, it’s not as hard as it sounds. All you need to remember is that most people’s needs are based on their instincts.

Understanding people’s instincts, especially in a mass gathering is one of the key goals of mass hypnosis.

You can exploit all kinds of natural and instinctive urges, including the urge to make money, the urge to feel good about oneself, the urge to have comfort, and even the urge to have sex. All these urges can be manipulated in one way or another through mental association.

This is one of the reasons why marketing ads often have attractive images and backgrounds. It stimulates the human instincts and associates them with the products being advertised.

After you have established a good rapport with your audience, they will instinctively feel that you have the means to satisfy their subconscious needs. From this point on, the audience will be open to further manipulation.

People who are adept in mass hypnosis will then begin telling their audience whatever they want to hear to build up their trust.

The Dark Side of Mass Hypnosis

As appealing as this may sound, it’s also important for us to remember that mass hypnosis has its dark side. Various industries and scams use mass hypnosis on people to manipulate and control them.

scientology uses mass hypnosis

A few good examples include the Aum Shinrikyu cult in Japan, the People’s Temple cult and various other organizations that rely on distorting the perceptions of their members.

You’ve probably heard of religious cults recruiting members of the public into their belief system only to exploit them.

People fall for this because their beliefs are in line with the cult’s beliefs, and therefore, it’s easier to take advantage of someone when they’re already in agreement with you. Adolf Hitler took this to the extreme and convinced millions to go against the Jewish people.


On the other hand, when mass hypnosis is used for good intentions, it can really help improve the lives of a lot of people. Some of the principles of mass hypnosis are used in therapy and in support groups to help their members overcome certain obstacles in their lives. In this sense, at least, we can say that mass hypnosis has its benefits.


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