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    Hypnotism can be a complicated matter. These techniques will give you an insight on how the mind works and how to manipulate it.

    Tips For Using Hypnosis For Depression

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    using hypnosis for depression

    Many people across the globe suffer from depression without being aware of that fact. Some people try to come out of it by consulting psychotherapists and psychiatrists and taking the anti-depression drugs prescribed for them. While a lucky few get the benefits of consuming these drugs and come out of depression, a vast majority...

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    Techniques For Using Hypnosis For Anxiety

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    Using Hypnosis For Anxiety

    Hypnosis is an effective tool to treat anxiety. Your rational mind is under siege under a panic attack, but because hypnosis can work on your subconscious mind, it can calm a person with a simple physical trigger. Anxiety is one of the most common psychological disorders in today’s fast paced society. Hypnosis plays a...

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    What is Street Hypnosis?

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    street hypnosis

    Street hypnosis is a type of hypnosis normally performed on random pedestrians for entertainment purposes of spectators and bystanders. The idea of putting someone in trance can be achieved and is being practiced by numerous street performers for a couple of centuries now. However, the setting calls for the observance of proper precautions since...

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    7 Ways on How to Mind Control People

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    how to mind control people

    Under every act of mentalism, including hypnosis, lies a greater foundation of reason that’s built upon deception of the mind and emotions of the person. Without them, mind control simply would not work. The masters of mind manipulation know this and therefore, seek to rile up certain feelings in people to make them think...

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    What is the Milton Model?

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    milton model

    The founders of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) John Grinder and Richard Bandler met with Dr Milton Erickson, who was widely recognized as the inventor of modern hypnosis, to see why and how he was so successful. After analyzing Erickson’s methods and approach, they came up with the Milton Model. It was a concept opposite to...

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