Richard Bandler Explains The Reality Of NLP

Richard Bandler on NLP Techniques

Self-help guru and co-creator of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Richard Bandler is renowned for developing methods to alter human behavior patterns through NLP/covert hypnosis techniques. In this interview with ‘The Best … Read more

Mind Secrets Exposed Review

For the past couple months, people have been telling me about a mind power training guide called Mind Secrets Exposed. I’ve finally had the chance to review it this past … Read more

10 Trance Signals In Covert Hypnosis

So you’ve implemented your covert hypnosis techniques to put someone in a hypnotic trance unconsciously, but how do you know that they’re actually in a trance? There are actually quite … Read more

The 3 Most Important Covert Hypnosis Techniques

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The 5 Most Common Hypnosis Mistakes

Common Hypnosis Mistakes

Hypnosis is intended to influence the thought process of an individual through simple persuasion techniques. This practice of hypnosis involves the deliberate use of articulated phrases and words, as well … Read more

How To Use Powerful Hypnotic Words

powerful hypnotic words

Listen to several hypnotists performing and you’ll notice that they all use the same or similar words when speaking to their subject. There are specific words that are designed to … Read more

The 3 Tonalities In Covert Hypnosis

Tonalities In Covert Hypnosis

When you’re performing covert hypnosis, it’s important that you know what tone of voice to use. The English language has 3 basic tonalities and each one of them carries their … Read more