Richard Bandler Explains The Reality Of NLP

Richard Bandler on NLP Techniques

Self-help guru and co-creator of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Richard Bandler is renowned for developing methods to alter human behavior patterns through NLP/covert hypnosis techniques. In this interview with ‘The Best of You TV’, he explains how NLP has changed since the beginning and how it works.

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How NLP Is Used Everywhere

Interviewer: “The consequences are that NLP has just really gotten out of hand hasn’t it? 43 years and it’s all over the world.”

Richard: “Well it is, people really like stuff that works and let’s face it, there wasn’t a lot of stuff that worked. I came along at the perfect time to develop this, and to have worked as hard as I have and written as much as I have, and people have tried it and there’s a lot of people that talk about it and don’t use it, I don’t approve of that much, but for the most part, the business is – Insurance companies discovered that they could sell more insurance if they knew how good communicators worked.”

“I studied patterns of persuasion. How do you persuade people? Design sales training programs, and you find it in sales training books all over the place. They don’t call it ‘NLPing’. It’s all over the place in psychology now and they don’t call it ‘NLPing’. That’s not the important part.”

“Being able to model, which is a word that most people misunderstand, means that you can build mathematical algorithms. So not only can I understand and predict what Milton’s [renowned hypnotherapist] going to do, I can compute things he would do that he’s never done. I know what he would do in other situations had they come up.”

“Because by being able to create a calculus, just like any kind of a calculus, you can describe the arch of throwing one thing and you can describe the arch of how something else will go differently because you understand the relationship between things.”

How Richard Discovered NLP

“When you understand enough about language patterns and how intuitions are structured, and now that we’re able to look inside the brain a lot closer, you understand about neuro semantic pathways, how the brain is hooked up. All those things, things I discovered years ago about eye movement patterns, they’re now 40 years later verified.”

“I found them because I just watched people. What color are your mother’s eyes? And they go “hmm…let’s see” (while moving his eyes to the top left corner to think). I don’t know how psychology missed all of that. It has a neurological base.”

Richard Bandler NLP
Certain eye movement and positions when thinking is a sign of one accessing their neurological system.

“I started looking for it because I started reading a little thing in the neurology magazine…about how they done an experiment where they attached these things to people’s eyeballs and their eyes jiggled, since they couldn’t move the image with it and the images dissolved. When they said “what was the image?” everybody stopped and did this (moves his eyes to the top corner), and the gentlemen said that that must be significant somehow.”

“Well it turns out that when people think in different places in their mind, that when they think about what they believe versus what they doubt, when they talk to themselves versus when they pay attention to their feelings, even in English it’s downright important and when people access their eyes down to the right, then they’re more apt to be in touch with the enteric nervous system.”

“This is all the neurological connections between the organs and the intestines which we used to think was just to do with digestion and heart beating but it’s sophisticated enough of neuro networks that I think it accounts for what people call feelings, and it can be controlled if you know how to do it.”

How To Improve Yourself Using NLP Techniques

“People who control it for different reasons. Actors go into states on purpose and it gets them to be stronger on purpose than method acting. Well, method acting itself is where you take thoughts and you organize them to produce feelings.”

“In psychology they wanted to find out which ones are really real, I wanted people to make ones they really like. I want people to be able to increase their motivation on purpose. Most of what I’m trying to teach people to do is to think on purpose because if you think on purpose, what happens is you can change the way you think to something that works.”

“If you change the way you think, it changes the way you feel, therefore it changes the way you can do. My entire career, whether modelling in the military, how one sonar guy’s able to get more information than other intuitively, it’s not that he knows consciously how he does it. Milton didn’t know consciously how he structured language. I knew from Chomsky that you could model unconscious behavior, build algorithms and therefore, be able to vary on purpose.”

“Whether it’s playing baseball, football or golf, or spelling or reading, all of these things you can make imminently more learning. It doesn’t mean that everybody’s going to be Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods has dedication, but you can make yourself more dedicated and you’ll stand a better chance of being a better golfer if you think about the game differently.”

“Good pool players visualize lines, they know where the balls are going to go. Bad pool players don’t. If you don’t have some way of mentally adjusting yourself that’s a guide to your physical behavior.”


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