Mind Secrets Exposed Review

For the past couple months, people have been telling me about a mind power training guide called Mind Secrets Exposed. I’ve finally had the chance to review it this past … Read more

What Are Stealth Tactics?

Stealth tactics, also known as stealth strategies, takes you beyond the authority strategy and allows you to become ten times more influential in your interactions with people. It also allows … Read more

A Guide to Mind Reading

mind reading in poker

Everybody has the ability to read minds. We’re not talking about the super-hero type of mind reading where you could look into someone’s mind and tell exactly what they are … Read more

7 Ways on How to Mind Control People

how to mind control people

Under every act of mentalism, including hypnosis, lies a greater foundation of reason that’s built upon deception of the mind and emotions of the person. Without them, mind control simply … Read more

What is Sleight of Mouth?

sleight of mouth

Sleight of Mouth is a method of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Now you might be thinking, what on earth is NLP? Without confusing you by going into too much detail, NLP … Read more

An Introduction to Mentalism

tv mentalism mind control

Telepathy, mind control, psychokinesis, hypnosis, divination, precognition, clairvoyance and mediumship. What do all of these phenomenon’s have in common? They’re all forms of mentalism. It’s an art form that leads … Read more