7 Reasons to Learn Covert Hypnosis

You may already have your own reasons of why you want to learn covert hypnosis. Generally, most people’s reasons tend to fall into the same area, and that’s improving their own life.

There may be a few people who have some shady reasons (hopefully not you!), but what’s crucially important is that you have respect for yourself and others when you learn covert hypnosis.

Here are some of the major results you can reach when you master this powerful mind manipulation tool.

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1. Seduce the Opposite Sex

learn covert hypnosis for seduction

This is probably the number one reason why most people want to learn covert hypnosis. However, it shouldn’t be the only reason.

Fortunately, those who have intentions to just pull someone into bed for the night tend not to properly master covert hypnosis.

As for the rest of you who are serious learners, the fact that you can easily seduce the opposite sex is just another reason to learn covert hypnosis. You cannot make someone fall in love with you, but you can certainly lead them down the right path.

2. Improve in Your Career

Let’s face it. All of us want either more money, power, influence, respect or all of them in our lives. Our jobs can provide us with those values, but the extent of it ultimately lies within yourself.

That’s where the problem is for most people. They have little self-belief to take them to where they want to be.

Through learning covert hypnosis, you can actually improve the effectiveness of your communication and influence others massively.

There’s a universal truth that no matter what profession you’re in, whether you work in sales, media, law or even if you’re serving up cheeseburgers, knowing how to manipulate your peers minds can take you to a higher position.

3. Expand Your Social Circle

You may be someone with a small social circle. It’s not a bad thing. To be honest, it’s probably better that you have a small tight knit group of friends rather than a large circle of casual friends.

However, it doesn’t hurt to be expand your circle to beyond those who you’d normally wouldn’t befriend.

Learn Covert Hypnosis to Expand Your Social Circle

By utilizing covert hypnosis positively, you can communicate with just about anyone and those who would’ve given you the cold shoulder before, will be drawn towards you instead.

Your associates just may be the connection between yourself and your future partner or your future employer.

4. Improve Your Self-Confidence

The single most important factor that determines how successful you’ll be in all aspects of your life is your own self-confidence. Confidence allows you to take risks without fear of failure.

But it’s not that easy to just walk up to a group of women and strike up an intriguing conversation, especially if you’re a shy guy.

It’s not that easy to just strut into your boss’ office and ask for the pay rise you deserve. By properly implementing covert hypnosis, it gives you a strong foundation and reduces the chance of failure in any circumstance.

This will give you a higher sense of self-confidence, especially when you see the positive results.

5. Impress Your Friends, Family and Everyone Else

Being able to impress others is a wonderful feeling for both sides.

All the covert hypnosis tips and techniques that you learn can be set upon your peers for entertainment purposes, as long as the subject knows that they’re going to be and have been under hypnosis.

It’s all just a bit of fun and you’ll become a hot talking point among your friends and family members.

6. Cure People’s Phobias, Bad Habits and Life Issues

Ok, so once you’re a bit tired of using covert hypnosis for your own selfish reasons, you may decide to help others with your powers.

It has been proven that hypnotherapy works and its arguable that the techniques used are more effective than modern medicine.

At the end of the day, serious issues such as depression, smoking, fearful phobias and many others, are just products of the mind.

And by manipulating the conditions of the mind, you can alter the way someone thinks and change their behavior patterns. Covert hypnosis is a technique that’s used for this reason, and it’s obviously a much healthier way than consuming man-made chemicals that will have long term effects.

7. Make it Your Profession

learn covert hypnosis
Once you master the art of covert hypnosis, you can, if you want, make a career out of it.

There are many ways you can make a living from this, such as being a hypnotherapist, being an entertainer in the form of a stage hypnotist which will perhaps lead you to bigger platforms like television.

You can also become a teacher and show others who want to learn covert hypnosis (find out here) how they can do it too. Regardless of whether or not you wish to make a career from your mind manipulation skills, the choice is open to you and there’s no doubt that knowing how to do covert hypnosis is a great asset to have in your life.


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