How To Use Powerful Hypnotic Words

Listen to several hypnotists performing and you’ll notice that they all use the same or similar words when speaking to their subject.

There are specific words that are designed to create certain thought patterns which induces a trance or begin the trance process. These are called hypnotic words.

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The Four Stage Protocol

There are four stages in which people go through in a hypnotic experience. Hypnotic words such as focus, fascination and mesmerized can be used during any stage to recreate that experience.

  • 1. Absorption or fixation of attention
  • 2. Bypassing the critical factor
  • 3. Getting an unconscious response
  • 4. Using that unconscious response

How Hypnotic Words Work

If someone tells you to relax, then in order for your mind to understand what it actually means, it has to access all the memories that you have that’s associated with the word “relax”.

It could be a time you were lying down at the beach just relaxing or sitting on the couch watching TV.

All these memories come together and focuses on that particular word to create the feeling of relaxation.

Taking a look at the first stage of the protocol, you must get your subject’s attention fixated on what you’re doing and saying. So using a word that implies the fixation of their attention such as “focus”, “rivet” or “concentrate” will begin to activate the trance responses necessary for the first stage.

For the other stages, you must simply use other hypnotic words that implies a trance necessary for that stage.

For example, the word “spontaneous” or anything associated with that word, basically tells someone to bypass their normal conscious process and take action unconsciously. This one single word covers the second and third stage at the same time.

Hypnotic Themes

Using hypnotic words by themselves will only begin the procedure of trance, but in order to create something much more powerful, they must be put into direct or indirect inductions and implemented time and time again.

powerful hypnotic words

This is because the more you use hypnotic suggestions but in different formats, the more the subject will access a specific experience.

Hypnotic themes takes hypnotic words and puts them into a wider context. This could be a general activity or an idea that includes hypnotic characters within the theme.

A general activity could be when you’re in bed at night and you’re reading a book before you go sleep. You’re so engrossed in the storyline that you’ve completely lost track of time and you’ve blocked out everything around you.

This is an example of a hypnotic trance as a result of the four stage protocol. It’s exactly the experience that you want to recreate in your subject.

So when you’re giving detailed descriptions of certain processes such as lying on the beach or strolling in the park, you’re talking about a hypnotic theme. And the more that you talk about this, the more someone’s mind will be focused on that theme thus, activating the four stages in the protocol.

You won’t see someone slumping over a chair during a hypnotic trance though it can happen, but instead, many people will still have their eyes open and give subtle trance responses such as nodding their head or smiling. You’ll also notice that their pupils dilate slightly and become more glossy.

Implementing hypnotic themes is a very powerful way to set the scene for the rest of your covert hypnosis techniques to work successfully.


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