Top 7 Hypnotic Seduction Covert Hypnosis Techniques

Just imagine being able to pick up anyone you fancy at the library, bar, club, restaurant or anywhere else. In fact, the vast majority of men and women can be seduced through covert hypnosis.

Not many people know this, but you can actually use a tried and tested formula to lure someone back home with you at the end of the night. It just takes practice to be successful.

While you may think using these hypnotic seduction techniques are unethical, they only open the doors for you.

Ultimately, it’ll be your personality that will determine the direction your relationship goes, whether it’ll be short-term or long-term.

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1. What Are They Wearing?

You’ve likely heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. While this is a good way not to be prejudice, it doesn’t take away the fact that you can determine someone’s mood or character just by looking at what they’re wearing.

Dark colors are associated with sadness, dullness and negativity. While bright colors are tied to happiness and positivity.

Combine this with the body language of a person and you’ll have a good idea of how that person is feeling at that particular time. If you see them on more than one occasion with the same style and color of clothing, then you’ll have a better idea of their personality.

2. Watching The Eyes

No matter where you are in the world, the eyes plays an important part in communication.

watching the eyes in hypnotic seduction

Keeping eye contact for too long can be rude, but having minimum eye contact can be seen as a sign of mutual respect and interest. This differentiates from country to country.

However, in the western world in particular, if you’re engaged in a conversation with someone and they’re constantly looking away, this can be a sign of disinterest.

If you’ve read our section on eye cues (Top 7 Covert Hypnosis Techniques), you can gauge what someone is thinking by watching their eyes. You need to firstly, get them to access a representational system and they can only do so during a thought process. One way to get them to do this is by asking a thoughtful question.

3. Breathing Patterns

hypnotic seduction

Notice that when you’re calm and relaxed, your breathing is controlled. You inhale and exhale every few seconds.

When emotions such as fear, excitement, nervousness and sadness settle in, your breathing becomes faster resulting in hyperventilation.

You can determine this on someone else in various ways, such as looking at someone’s pulse, observing their diaphragm and listening to their tonality.

Paying close attention to someone’s breathing patterns allows you build rapport. It’s important to mimic their breathing patterns (which can also be achieved through external actions also) in order for them to subconsciously feel a connection with you.

4. Observing Facial Expressions

People use facial expressions to communicate messages subtly. A frown could be a sign of disagreement or confusion.

By far, the most powerful expression that you can use to build rapport with someone is the smile.

There are different types of smile and other facial expressions which can be combined with a smile to send subtle messages.

Knowing what these mean and what context they’re used in allows you to determine whether that person is interested or not, and if you need to switch up your approach.

5. Observing Body Positions

The way in which a person positions their body either in an approach or during a conversation says a lot. If you’re a male who’s approaching a female, heading towards her straight on could be too dominating for her. While if you approach her from the side, it means you’re not confident enough.

hypnotic seduction

The best approach would be to head towards her at a 10-20 degree angle (comfort zone area) in order to improve the likelihood of gaining her interest.

While she may not consciously realize your method of approach, she’ll subconsciously acknowledge your confidence.

Mirroring someone’s body position and stance is also effective for gaining rapport. To make it not obvious, you should delay the action for about 3 seconds. If how they’re standing makes it awkward to mirror, then don’t do it. There’s nothing worse than making it blatantly obvious and blowing your chances.

6. Hand Gestures

When you watch motivational speakers such as Anthony Robbins, or master hypnotists such as Derren Brown, you’ll notice that they use a lot of hand gestures for emphasis.

It’s an effective way to express one’s self, but often, hand gestures represents what a person’s trying to say instead of what they’re actually saying.

Mirroring someone’s hand movements whenever their tone of voice is filled with enthusiasm or positivity,  subconsciously tells that person that you understand what they’re saying.

Again, it’s important not to make it obvious, and doing this effectively builds a strong connection and sends out positive energy.

7. Hypnotic Seduction Conversation

The most important parts of hypnotic seduction is what’s said and how it’s said during a conversation. This is why covert hypnosis is often referred to as conversational hypnosis or sleight of mouth.

The first step to successfully seduce someone through a conversation is by building rapport. It’s important that you do this to gain their trust so that they’re more liable to your suggestions.

After, you must turn of their critical mind by using precisely placed words. You can also subtly plant ideas or thoughts within their subconscious mind. The last step is of course, to make strong hypnotic commands for that person to follow.

This is possible because you’ve already altered that person’s subconscious behavior.


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