5 Effective Techniques Used in Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Smoking is an addiction for many people, who often find it difficult to do away with this habit.

There are loads of chain smokers, who fail to quit smoking, even though they are aware of its harmful consequences such as COPD and lung cancer. They undertake various methods to accomplish their goal, but fail to succeed.

However, there is one way that can help you beat the enticement to smoke and it’s called hypnosis. Now, you may be unsure about how this technique works and how it can facilitate in achieving your goal.

Trying to get rid of the habit does not necessarily have to be a lifetime struggle. A lot of people have been able to give up smoking with just a few sessions of hypnotherapy, which they were unable to do so for years by using willpower alone.

Hypnosis works by setting up a direct line of contact with the subconscious mind, permitting transformation to take place at the root of behavior.

Therefore, hypnosis can be efficiently employed to remove attachments to numerous compulsive actions.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work

Hypnosis is the term used to express a deep state of inner focus that one attains when their mind is towed towards a single idea. Once under the influence of hypnosis, the fraction of your mind that manages habitual behavior, referred to as the subconscious, is unsuppressed and open to suggestion.

As a consequence, hypnosis is frequently used as a means of substituting hazardous behaviors with those that help to serve the individual better. By arousing the deepest thought levels, hypnotherapy aids those who seek to unchain emotional barriers to succeed and enhance the quality of life.

Hypnotherapy uses various methods to discourage you from smoking. Here are some of the methods:

1. The Power Of Suggestion

Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

In hypnosis, the person’s subconscious mind takes over and the suggestions are made to this section of the mind. The hypnotherapist provides constructive suggestions to your subconscious mind that could vary from:

  • The perils of smoking
  • How quitting can be beneficial for you
  • How will you feel when after your discard using cigarettes
  • How it won’t affect you at all
  • How it won’t have any withdrawal symptoms
  • You will have the willpower to say no to smoking because it is your life
  • …And other related suggestions

This therapy makes a direct mark on your subconscious self and hence the likelihood of success is more.

2. Relaxation

People often smoke when they are nervous as they think that a cigarette will prompt the feeling of calmness at times of anxiety. The hypnotic state is characteristically united with a deep sense of relaxation.

When a person thereafter senses the need to calm down by smoking, he or she can ignite the relaxation trigger and obtain the same relief without smoking.

As the person becomes conscious of his or her ability to generate positive sentiments at will, the craving to smoke gradually diminishes.

3. Self-Empowering

Hypnosis helps people to realize that they have the power over their own emotions and perceptions. This understanding automatically eliminates the influence that any bad habits currently has over their lives.

4. Visualization

Visualization Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapist concentrates on the psychological features rather than the physical features to produce changes. With your mind and body relaxed, the hypnotist will start provoking the hypnotic state through visualization.

Once in hypnotic trance, you mentally travel into the future, maybe a year or two from the present time and see yourself obtaining pleasure from the benefits of a smoke-free life.

You also experience what it is like to feel strong and healthy. You hear people talk about your new-found sense of vitality.

While in trance, you experience this visualization emotionally, physically and intellectually and keep conceptualizing the numerous benefits of being a non-smoker, as if it were a reality. Your mind tells you that you deserve this smoke-free life and makes you realize that you have the choice and you can choose this reality for your future as well as your family.

5. Uncover Deep-Rooted Problems

Habits are merely a reflection of a deeper issue, perhaps the requirement for stability or control in one’s life.

A hypnotherapist usually asks the subconscious mind directly, about the existent issues at work or home to determine the root cause. By improving actions at the source, hypnosis can produce deep and everlasting changes.

In short, it is believed that both, our imagination and willpower work together to help in achieving what we actually want to achieve. So, if you sincerely aspire to quit smoking and earnestly envision that you are a non-smoker, you can most certainly give up smoking by the effective means of hypnotherapy.


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