The Best List Of Hypnosis Induction Scripts

hypnosis induction scripts

If you want to put someone under hypnosis, then you need to put them into a state of trance first.

This is where the subject’s state of mind has a narrow focus of attention and typically, their eyes are closed (not always the case especially when performing covert hypnosis) and they’re physically and mentally relaxed.

The subject is still fully aware of their surroundings and what’s going on but since they’re in a trance, they’re more susceptible to following your suggestions.

This doesn’t mean that they cannot reject your suggestions or snap out of the trance if your suggestions do not coincide with their deep rooted beliefs and morals.

However, being in a trance allows the subject to step out of their ordinary belief system and accept new changes. This is all possible by implementing a hypnotic induction which accesses the subject’s unconscious mind while suggestions call on their conscious mind.

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The “Eye-Fixation” Hypnosis Induction Script

There are a whole variety of different ways to put someone into a hypnotic trance. The most influential method for hypnotherapy, originated from James Braid which is called the “eye-fixation” technique which is also called “Braidism”.

Although many different variations of the eye-fixation technique have been created, Braid’s was the original.

This is how it works:

  • Step 1: Place any bright object (e.g. wristwatch) in between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger of your left hand.
  • Step 2: Hold it around 8 to 15 inches away from the eyes of your subject, just above the forehead, in a position that will cause the most strain to their eyes and eyelids, and ensure that they understand that they must have a fixed stare and a focused mind on that object.
  • Step 3: You will notice that their eyes will be contracted at first, then their pupils will dilate shortly after, due to the consensual adjustment of their eyes. When their eyes are dilated to a large extent and they’ve taken a wavy motion, extend and separate your forefinger and middle finger of your right hand just a little, then direct them from the object to your subject’s eyes.
  • Step 4: The subject’s eyelids should close by themselves with a vibratory motion. If this doesn’t happen or the subject’s eyeballs move, then the first 3 steps must be repeated and you should let them understand the procedure of the preceding steps.
  • Step 5: When this works successfully, the subject’s eyelids will close either spasmodically or with a vibratory motion, and then your subject will be in a hypnotic trance state.

This technique has been used for over 100 years and many other variations and forms of it since then have been developed.

As proven by the eye-fixation technique, 90 per cent of the time, hypnotic induction techniques require a reclined posture, relaxation of the muscles, an optical fixation and finally, closure of the eyes.

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