How To Use Hot Words

Hot words are part of the precision language category of covert hypnosis techniques. They are similar to hypnotic words where certain words are used to incite emotional actions.

Let’s just take these two statements as an example:

The infant perished in the flames

The baby burned to death

Both of them are grim statements to say the least, but the second statement has more of an emotional impact. This is because even though both statements have the same message, the second is filled with ‘hot words’ that have emotional undertones attached to them.

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The three words that are neutral in the first statement are:

  • Infant
  • Perished
  • Flames

Doctors are trained to use these kind of words in such a way to distant themselves from their patients so they don’t become too emotionally attached to their problems.

The three words in the second statement that people will have a powerful response to are:

  • Baby
  • Burned
  • Death

No matter what culture, as long as the people speak and understand English, these words will affect them at an emotional level.

Why Using Hot Words Is A Powerful Covert Hypnosis Technique

covert hypnosis techniques

You may have heard certain people use words that are emotionally disengaging to detach themselves from people’s feelings, to protect themselves from their reactions.

It’s very common for people to do this and it may even be something you do yourself.

However, in covert hypnosis, it’s important that you use the correct hot words to build an unconscious connection with your subject. The two key reasons of why using hot words are powerful in covert hypnosis are:

  • The Vocabulary Of The Unconscious Mind – Hot words moves people and puts them in a certain state of mind. They incite emotions which are the domain of the unconscious mind. As soon as someone responds to you emotionally, they’re also responding to you unconsciously.
  • Simple To Use – You can easily implement hot words into any conversation, and if you ever run out of ideas, you only have to look towards motivational speakers, politicians, newspapers and presidents because they use them all the time.

Contrasting Hot Words For Greater Impact

Take a look at the following headline:

The president is a secret drug addict.

It’s a powerful statement to make, because of three hot words – President, secret and the phrase drug addict. Let’s break this down as to why it’s so powerful.

  • First of all, the president is seen by the public as someone who is a leader and should be looked up to. The president is supposed to represent good values and set a good example for people to follow.
  • A drug addict is seen as the complete opposite, someone who goes against the law to feed their addiction. They’re stereotyped as the college dropout or someone who’s had a terrible upbringing, a social outcast etc.

When you put president and drug addict within the same context, it creates a huge impact simply because of the amount the contract between the two.

The other word in between which is secret, incites curiosity and by nature, people want to discover secrets. Ultimately, when you put the entire statement together, you get a very powerful headline.

  • There’s a stark contrast between the figure of sobriety and the figure of deprivation.
  • There’s also a stimulation of curiosity by using the word secret.

This is what’s known as contrasting hot words. No words are wasted in manipulating your emotions and getting the most responsiveness out of you.


Hot words are very simple to learn and use in day-to-day conversations. They are powerful tools when used independently. However, learning exactly how to use them at the right moments during a hypnotic process is even more powerful and another matter altogether.


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