How To Use Action Accelerators

covert hypnosis techniquesAction accelerators are part of the precision language category of covert hypnosis techniques.

They can be used within the context of your hypnotic communication in order to magnify its impact. They’re designed to make the subject’s unconscious mind want to take a certain action more quickly.

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You can put pressure on someone to make them more responsive in that moment, by using words such as:

  • Now
  • Fully
  • Instantly
  • Abruptly
  • Suddenly
  • Quickly
  • Immediately
  • All at once

As you can see, all of the above words mean to do something in a quick and efficient manner.

Get An Unconscious Response By Using Social Pressure

Whenever you put pressure on people, you’ll notice that they tend to follow their instincts, therefore you get more of an unconscious response. This is exactly what you need in a hypnotic process, and using the words above will help you to do that.

covert hypnosis techniques

Mentalists such as hypnotists and magicians have known throughout the years that if they wanted someone to pick a certain card, they would apply pressure and offer it in a certain way at the same time. They may say something like:

Pick a card, any card. Quickly.

The reason they will say this is because by applying pressure, you tend not think about it or second guess yourself. Your decision will likely be a genuine and unconscious response.

For the moment, you can experiment with action accelerators by using the words previously mentioned, in order to fully engage someone and apply pressure to get an unconscious response.

To test it out and see just what difference it makes, offer the same challenge to someone and different people, with and without an accelerator and see what outcome you get.

When Is The Right Time To Use An Action Accelerator?

Using an action accelerator is a simple but powerful covert hypnosis technique. However, you must know when the right is to put someone under pressure to perform and deliver an action more quickly.

In contrary, there’s also a right time to allow the subject to relax and take their time with something. Both are just as important as each other.

It’s difficult to answer this question outright because the right time all depends on the circumstances, the context and the individual you’re dealing with.

As you become more experienced in other areas of precision language and covert hypnosis in general, you’ll know and feel the appropriate moment to use them.

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