How To Set Emotional Triggers

covert hypnosis techniquesEmotional triggers can be seen as post-hypnotic suggestions that can be created by the hypnotist.

The environment may have already triggered the subject’s emotions, but other trigger elements can be things such as hearing a song or smelling a perfume that holds a deep connection to the subject.

In this article, you’ll find out the covert hypnosis technique (read more) on how to set off these emotional triggers in someone. Like all other covert hypnosis techniques, there’s a process you have to go through.

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Implant A Hypnotic Trigger

First of all, to implant a hypnotic trigger in someone, you would first have to undergo the 4-stage protocol for conversational hypnosis, which is:

  1. Absorb the subject’s attention.
  2. Bypass their critical thinking (pushing the guardian to the gate out of the way).
  3. Activate any unconscious response.
  4. Utilize the unconscious response or drive it in another direction.

The 4-stage protocol won’t actually implant a hypnotic trigger, but it serves as the foundation for setting up an emotional trigger that you can use at will.

Setting An Emotional Trigger

Assuming that you’ve implemented the 4-stage protocol successfully, you need to make sure that the following conditions are met in order to set the trigger.

  1. Access A Clear State – This is the first thing you must do. In order for someone to focus, you need them to be in a pure state of concentration. If you want your subject to be happy or relaxed, they must be in a pure state of either happiness or relaxation, without having any mixed emotions otherwise you will just end up triggering the same mixed state.
  2. Set A Trigger – After the subject is in a clear state, you can then set off a trigger by using any one of these senses – A smell, taste, touch, sound or sight.
  3. Condition The Trigger – Once the trigger is set, you need to make a few repetitions to condition the trigger.
  4. Test The Trigger – The last step and perhaps the most important is to test the trigger. This involves clearing the subject’s mind, possibly by distracting them and then firing off the trigger again. To know if your trigger has worked, your subject must react in the emotional state you set. If it doesn’t activate your desired emotional state, then you need to start over again.

covert hypnosis techniques

Now you need to know how to actually set an emotional trigger.

  • Step 1: Go Through The 4-Stage Protocol – Like mentioned above, you need to go through this process to bypass critical thinking to reduce conscious involvement which just acts as a barrier to reject your suggestions.
  • Step 2: Induce A State – This step involves directing the subject’s inner experience to access a specific state. One way to do this is by using the hypnotic experiences technique. You can do this by asking questions that will bring certain experiences to the forefront of the subject’s mind, offer descriptions to use your language in a specific way that conjures up images and feelings, or fire an emotional trigger that already exists due to the environment or one that you create previously and you’re bringing it back up.
  • Step 3: Intensify The State – Once you’ve accessed your desired emotional state in your subject, you need to intensify that state so that it becomes powerfully clear. Ideally, you want the emotional state as strong as possible in order to get the most effective response.
  • Step 4: Connect The Emotional State With The Emotional Trigger – The last step is to link the emotional state you’ve created to the trigger of your choice. Setting off an emotional trigger can be something as simple as utilizing a certain covert hypnosis tonality, or using a certain mannerism (physical gesture) such as a head nod or a smile. These emotional triggers are all subtle and can be used in normal everyday conversations.

The above are just brief points on how to set emotional triggers in covert hypnosis. If you want to learn in greater detail the methods behind each point, then I suggest that you check out the The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis.


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