7 Ways on How to Mind Control People

Under every act of mentalism, including hypnosis, lies a greater foundation of reason that’s built upon deception of the mind and emotions of the person. Without them, mind control simply would not work.

The masters of mind manipulation know this and therefore, seek to rile up certain feelings in people to make them think or act the way they want them to.

You’ve undoubtedly seen these methods everyday in your job, on the streets and in the media. Sometimes those doing it are unaware of it, including yourself.

Pay close attention and focus on what you do and say, then you’ll have more control over your own mind and the minds of others. Here are just some of the methods of mind control.

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1. Instil Fear

The entire world is controlled by fear. It’s perhaps the single most powerful emotion in human beings, and fear comes in many different forms.

how to mind control people

You may despise your job so much, but you won’t quit because you fear the fact that you won’t be able to pay your bills and feed your family. You may desperately want to speak to a fine woman that you see but you won’t, in fear of rejection and embarrassment.

The fact is, fear is natural and it’s instilled in all of us from childhood. The “powers that be” use fear to keep people mentally enslaved. It will either be their way, or the other way which is always made to seem much worse than it actually is.

2. Make Them Feel Guilty

Even some of the coldest individuals have a heart. Sure, it’s much more difficult for it to surface, but if and when it does, they can be easily duped. If someone is angry, they’ll continue to release negative energy.

However, if they feel guilty about something, then they’ll begin to reflect on whether they did the right thing.

For example, your boss may have a few bad words to say to you if you’re late for work, it’s understandable because they’re annoyed.

But if you were to counter their anger with a reason told in a sentimental way (e.g. you’re having terrible sleep problems) instead of being defensive, the your boss is more likely to feel guilty that he/she has treated you so harshly.

3. Give Them a Sense of Addiction

You’ve probably heard the quote “Too much of anything is bad”. Well this is certainly the truth if you want control over someone.

Corporations implement this tactic all the time in their sales strategy. They give you a taster of some delicious food, just enough to make you want to buy an entire meal.

You may have been a victim in other ways. In the beginning of a relationship, a woman may share some exciting moments with you, but yet she still won’t devote her all to you because if she does, she knows that you’ll want her less. It’s an effective tease that usually makes you crave her even more.

4. Instil Anger

Anger can make someone act irrational. It can make a normally good person do bad things. I’m sure that you’ve said or done things out of anger when you didn’t mean it.

how to mind control people

Again, it’s a natural emotion but too many people take action out of anger before even looking at the situation with a clear mind. In extreme cases, the consequences can be devastating.

Innocent lives are lost because someone else has manipulated the mind of a person or a group of people into believing that someone else did a bad thing. Unfortunately, this happens too often.

5. Stroke Their Ego

It’s not always the wisest thing to speak down on someone, whether they deserve it or not. Instead, you’ll hold more control over someone if you feed their ego just a little.

If you genuinely dislike your manager because he’s snobbish but yet, hold authority over you, you can actually hold some influence over him by telling him you’re impressed by his certain achievements, or acknowledge their dress sense. Be careful though, if you do it too much and only to one specific person, then you’ll just be considered a “suck up”.

6. Provide Answers, Solutions or Incentives for Them

People tend to forget about things that are not important to them, or not on their priority list. In order to encourage someone to take action for something, you must make it as easy as possible for them.

The dark side of the pharmaceutical industry has taken this to the extreme. They encourage parents who think their children have ADHD to send them to testing centers which are designed to look playful with toys and sweets.

Then they’ll give them drugs for “treatment” and of course, all expenses are already paid for. This allows the pharmaceutical companies to see how effective their drugs are while the parents believe their kids are receiving free treatment.

7. Target Their Morals

It’s simply not enough for a homeless person to hold up a sign saying “please spare some money”.

how to mind control people

It’s very rare that someone walks by and thinks “oh, I’ll give that poor man some money”.

Even when they do, it’s a little amount. But what if that homeless person’s sign said “Feeling awful because I can’t feed my kids, please help us out”.

I’m willing to bet that he’ll get a lot more money out of it, whether it’s true or not.

It’s the concept of targeting someone’s moral values and beliefs. You can often turn a simple situation into a moral victory for someone else.

For example, telling someone “If you lend me this money, you’ll be helping someone fulfill their lifelong dreams and I will never forget you when I make it to the top”. It will be difficult for someone to walk away if they know they can help out.


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