How To Do Self-Hypnosis In 10 Steps


Self-hypnosis can be defined as a natural state of one’s mind that is characterized by higher concentration or trance levels with one being open to new ideas such as particular instructions.

The self-hypnosis process does not just happen rather it involves a series of predefined steps that should be followed accurately. Below we will look at some of the steps that can be used to achieve this.

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1. Find A Quiet & Comfortable Place: This process requires a lot of concentration hence one should go to a quieter place away from any distractions. Look for a position that you most feel relaxed in such as sitting on a chair or lying down. It is of importance to not that whether one sits or lies down, NO part of the body be it legs should cross as this would lead to discomfort after a while.

2. Do Not Disturb: Make sure that you are not disturbed during this process and you should have at least 30 minutes to yourself.

3. Eliminate Woes: Get rid of any anxiety, stress or fear that may be building inside you and this is easily achieved when eyes are closed. Thoughts are hard to avoid right? Yes, this might be true but don’t try to force them out instead just observe them and after a while they will slip away. This is a process similar to meditation.

self hypnosis4. Recognize Your Body Tension: Identify and get rid of any tension in your body. Begin with the toes and visualize the tension fading away. Imagine that the tension is also fading from the rest of your body and the result will be a lighter and relaxed feeling. Using imaginary techniques of something of comfort to you, such as water flowing is effective.

5. Breathing Pattern: Take deep slow breaths and when exhaling visualize the negativity and tension escaping as a dark cloud and hence a clear and bright atmosphere full of energy and life encompassing you.

6. Accepting Your State Of Relaxation: You now need to appreciate that you are extremely relaxed. Visualize being at the top of a flight of ten stairs. Picture every detail. Descend and countdown the steps one by one. Imagine how it feels to walk down each step.

As you reach the fifth step, visualize yourself stepping into a clean and pure oasis of water, and with each step down you find yourself getting deeper and deeper into the water, washing any doubts you have away.

7. Address Your Problems: You are now at the bottom of the staircase, the water is higher up your body hence a floating sensation is felt with nothing else being felt. After successively achieving this state, now is the right time to address your problems and make a decision of what you want. NOTE: if you don’t feel as above, repeat the entire process slowly and with heightened concentration.

8. Embedding Your Goals: Now narrate what you are doing to yourself, speak in future or present tense quietly or visualize reading from a page. Visualize three boxes submerged in the water that you have to get. Swim to the boxes and once you got them, open them slowly one by one and narrate what is happening when you open each box.

An example is ‘with each successive open, I feel a new sense of life engulfing me and becoming part of me‘. From the basics of using self-hypnosis scripts, it is clear that negative statements should strictly be avoided. Repeat your statements as many times as you want to.

how to do self-hypnosis

9. The Ascension: If you’re happy with what you have achieved, swim back to the stairs and then slowly ascend. Climb up each step and feel the water level reducing with each successive step until reaching the fifth step. It is common to feel heavy at this step, wait a while on this step while narrating your statements.

10. Back To Consciousness: This is the final step, once you are at the top of the stairs; take a little while before opening the eyes. Imagine opening a door and letting the outside world back in again. Tell yourself that you are now awake so that you can come to consciousness again.

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