How Covert Hypnosis Can Improve Your Life

Imagine a world where all of your peer’s choices reflect a positive outcome for yourself. They will always respond with a “yes” to your suggestions, kind of like the Jim Carey movie ‘Yes Man’, except, it’s not a movie, it’s reality.

And you can make it your reality with a century proven technique called covert hypnosis.

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Just picture that it’s a Friday evening and the usual feeling of shyness and loneliness is non-existent, but instead, excitement shoots through your body as you prepare for a rare night out.

You effortlessly flow through the motion of social interaction and the most attractive person catches your eye.

Normally, you’d just sit back in your own comfort zone and do nothing, but this time it’s different. You approach that person and start a conversation. Within 5 minutes, you’ve secured a date with that person. You’re amazed by your own accomplishment.

But all of this comes as no surprise, because you’ve implemented a technique called covert hypnosis.

What Is Covert Hypnosis?

As much as it may sound like some sort of magic, covert hypnosis is actually based on a mixture of science and art.

covert hypnosis techniques

The whole aim is to communicate with someone’s unconscious mind through a conversation combined with body language without that person being the least bit aware.

The result? That person would alter their mind and behavior to suit your intended purpose, but they would think it was by their own free will.

What this means is that you can drastically increase your chances of getting a date with the hottest person in the bar, receive the best possible deal on that new car you’ve been dying to purchase and whatever else your imagination can conjure up. It’s truly powerful stuff.

Good Or Evil?

It wouldn’t surprise me if you were thinking “manipulating someone’s mind is just pure evil and not morally right”.

It would indeed be true if you were doing it for all the wrong reasons, but the whole point is to improve aspects of your own life. Covert hypnosis can propel your attributes, rather than hinder someone else’s.

Regardless of what you do or say, fortunately, covert hypnosis cannot make anyone do whatever is against their deeply embedded morals or beliefs. So no, you cannot convince a Muslim to eat pork or an anti-drug protester to get high.

Besides, you’re wasting your efforts if you were not using it for a positive purpose. And if you really had evil intentions, then what you need is a hug, my friend.

Live Your Dream

Too many times, you’ve procrastinated on something you know you should do, but don’t. We’re all guilty of it.

But there comes a time when you’re so fed up of your own situation so you must take action. If you’re shy, then start socializing more. If you want to become the top sales person, then adjust your pitch until you get it right.

Covert hypnosis gives you the avenue to achieve all of this. The truth is, learning covert hypnosis is simple but to master it is a long and continuous journey, but well worth it. It can take you to beyond your wildest dreams.

Not only will you elevate your own life, but you will also have a positive influence on the lives of those you around you every single day. Imagine that.


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