How Can Sleep Hypnosis Help You Rest?

covert hypnosis techniquesInsomnia is a common condition which has deprived millions of people on the globe their sleep. This has left them restless and tired through out the day.

Actually chronic insomnia can affect each aspect of your daily life. It can affect your feelings and also how you relate with the people around you.

Without a good night sleep, focusing or even finishing your work effectively and efficiently will be difficult. And as much as there are numerous insomnia drugs out there, using hypnosis for insomnia is still the most effective cure which has helped various individuals.

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There are numerous kinds of insomnia, but for many individuals, the main issue is falling asleep when they go to bed every night.

Each time they try to sleep their minds tend to start focusing on various anxious or worrying thoughts, thinking about all your plans for the next day or processing a conflict that just happened.

When your mind is busy processing numerous thoughts, relaxing or even falling asleep becomes impossible.

For other individuals, the problem is not falling asleep; their main issue is staying asleep at night. These individuals tend to wake up many times at night, but they eventually fall asleep.

The last type of insomniacs, fall asleep easily, but they usually find themselves awake after some few hours. Having not rested well, these individuals find it very hard to fall asleep again.

sleep hypnosis

Normally when you fall asleep, your mind goes through three different steps, it begins by thinking, then it goes to the fantasy state, which normally helps your body relax and finally to the hypnodal stage (a conscious relaxing stage).

And then your mind starts to wander off and you finally sleep. An insomniac finds it very hard to transition smoothly through all these stages.

He often spends a very long time in the thinking stage. Sleep hypnosis can help your mind transition through these different stages smoothly and faster.

Sources for Sleep Hypnosis

There are numerous ways sleep hypnosis can help cure insomnia and even restlessness. It can be part of your daily self-hypnosis sessions or you can induce it using a hypnosis CD or audio off the Internet. These contain a pre-written script to help you deal with various issues like insomnia.

This type of hypnosis allows your body and mind to relax peacefully by inducing hypnosis using various hypnotic-induction techniques.

After you have relaxed, your mind will begin to slowly drift into a positive and comfortable state, allowing your body to experience a fulfilling and restful sleep. These techniques are used together with various other relaxation-techniques like deep breathing.

Getting Prepared for Sleep Hypnosis

Before you do self-hypnosis, you must position yourself in a very comfortable position on your bed. This involves you sleeping on a comfortable pillow and covers, switching off your bedroom lights and finally blocking any noise coming from outside the room.

If you do not make your room comfortable, the whole process will be affected and you might not sleep at all.

A great example of self-hypnotic induction technique, is visualizing each of your muscles sinking into your bed.

  • Step 1: It is always good to begin by imagining your toe muscles sinking and then followed by your heels, ankles and calves while moving up until you reach your head muscles.
  • Step 2: As you are imagining your muscles sinking into-your-bed, you will also have to focus on how it really feels to have your muscles relax and the tension released as each muscle sinks.
  • Step 3: After you have completely relaxed, you can then start breathing deeply while counting backwards from twenty.

If you do not fall asleep by the time you reach ten, then your body is not relaxed enough, so you’ll have to repeat the entire process, If you’re really keen throughout the entire process and follow everything step perfectly, you should find yourself asleep or at least very sleep.

Actually there are various insomnia drugs out there that can really help you sleep, but the only difference between them and this holistic cure, is that the drugs can be quite addictive.

These drugs also tend to compromise the quality of your night-sleep each time you use them, and within time your body will build some tolerance against them. So many individuals have turned to sleep hypnosis as their last hope because it’s a more effective and safer option.


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