Exclusive Hypnosis Membership Offer

exclusive hypnosis membership offer

If you’re beginning to learn hypnosis or perhaps you’re already an experienced hypnotist or hypnotherapist, then you should always think for the long term.

You may be purchasing individual hypnosis scripts, hypnosis books or hypnosis audio. This is good in the short run, but is usually quite costly in the long term.

We’ve teamed up with Hypnotic World to bring you an exclusive membership offer that will give you access to all of their scripts, audio and other online programs as well as a whole range of other benefits.

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What You Can Expect

Here’s an overview of what’s inside the members area of Hypnotic World:

  • 800+ Expert Written Scripts For Hypnotherapists: You’ll gain access to a whole range of hypnosis scripts written by the best experts. No matter what the topic is, it’ll surely be covered as the variety is so extensive and new scripts are added every week. Not only can these be used for your clients, but they can also be used on yourself as you can recite and record your own voice, and then listen back on it.
  • 500+ Hypnosis MP3 Downloads: The extensive collection of hypnosis MP3 downloads again covers a wide variety of topics. They all feature high quality audio provided to you in either an MP3 or CD format. And just like the scripts, the hypnosis audio is also produced by expert hypnotherapists.
  • Listen To Online Hypnosis Programs: Inspiration is important to drive dedication and motivation. For this instance, it comes in the form of a collection of online hypnosis programs that allow you to get an insight into how hypnotherapy sessions are actually conducted so you too can implement it just as effectively. Brought to you by world renowned hypnotherapist Robert Siegel.
  • Advertise Your Hypnotherapy Practice: If you already have a hypnotherapy clinic, then you can reach a much more targeted and wider audience by advertising your services on Hypnotic World’s Find-a-Therapist directory. This also includes exclusive expert guides written by Faith Waude DHP, on how to promote your hypnotherapy practice.
  • Converse With Hypnotherapists: One of the most effective ways of learning is to speak with others who are also in the same field as yourself. Feedback and advice from hundreds of members are readily available in Hypnotic World’s lively forum.
  • Exclusive Extras: Some more benefits to Hypnotic World’s membership are access to Client Assessment Forms that you can print and use for your own hypnotherapy practice, a Complete Guide to Self-Hypnotism, Special Feature Articles which includes in detail The Christos Experiment, Specialist Advice from a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, professional help with difficult clients/subjects in the Solutions Corner, and a special Self Confidence Script for Hypnotherapists.

All of this is available at your fingertips for an excellent monthly or yearly cost. Essentially, saving you a lot of time and money, while providing you with the best hypnosis material online.

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