• Covert Hypnosis

    Covert Hypnosis is a form of mind manipulation used to communicate with a person’s unconscious mind without that person being aware.

    The Benefits and Dangers of Mass Hypnosis

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    scientology uses mass hypnosis

    Using mass hypnosis for grand scale mind control is not magic. In fact, various important events were influenced by mass hypnosis, and to a certain extent, several popular personalities have even used their charisma and special talents to induce a certain degree of mind control over their audience. Marketing executives, politicians and even actors...

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    What is Street Hypnosis?

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    street hypnosis

    Street hypnosis is a type of hypnosis normally performed on random pedestrians for entertainment purposes of spectators and bystanders. The idea of putting someone in trance can be achieved and is being practiced by numerous street performers for a couple of centuries now. However, the setting calls for the observance of proper precautions since...

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    What is the Milton Model?

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    milton model

    The founders of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) John Grinder and Richard Bandler met with Dr Milton Erickson, who was widely recognized as the inventor of modern hypnosis, to see why and how he was so successful. After analyzing Erickson’s methods and approach, they came up with the Milton Model. It was a concept opposite to...

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