What Are Stealth Tactics?

Stealth tactics, also known as stealth strategies, takes you beyond the authority strategy and allows you to become ten times more influential in your interactions with people.

It also allows you to easily plant ideas within people’s minds without rejection by their conscious filtering system.

There are many different stealth tactics of covert hypnosis techniques (see them here), but first, let’s take a look at what it actually means and where it fits within the bigger picture of a conversational hypnosis interaction.

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Stealth Tactics Analogy

stealth tactics covert hypnosis techniques

To properly explain what I mean by stealth tactics without over-complicating things, I will introduce it in a form of an analogy.

Now, imagine that there was a secret base containing top secret information and you had to get inside of it, but the only entrance was guarded by a pair of armed and dangerous agents that won’t let anyone inside. How would you get past them?

You can bring an entire army of people and force your way in. However, that way would require a lot of power, effort and there would probably be casualties along the way.

A smarter and more effective way is to use stealth tactics, which would essentially mean that you would have to climb the walls in the midst of the night, or disguise yourself as an employee to get past the agents. Stealth tactics have a parallel meaning to this where the mind is concerned.

Stealth Tactics Mind Strategy

Picture the mind as having a guardian that analyzes all the information from the outside world and filters through only what is safe for the mind to accept. This guardian often does a good job as it prevents you from taking on too many negative messages which allows you to live your life on your own terms.

stealth tactics covert hypnosis techniques

However, there is also a problem with this guardian, because due to its inflexibility, it also ends up automatically rejecting things that are good for the mind, simply because it’s not on the guardian’s list of things to accept.

You’ve probably been in a situation where you’ve tried to give someone a good piece of advice, only for them to say, “no, I’ve thought of that already, it won’t work” and then reject it completely. That’s just their guarding preventing this information from coming in.

In this case, you must learn how to maneuver your way in and bypass the guardian without using force such as blackmail, which will just end up creating an unpleasant experience.

Stealth tactics on the other hand, allow you to positively influence people and bypass people’s ‘guardians’ inside their mind. Stealth tactics don’t rely on strength but instead, it relies on your understanding of subtle principles to use people’s strengths against them.

When you’re applying stealth tactics, people either won’t notice it or just cannot get a good grasp on it to fight back and resist against it. It takes skill and patience to master stealth tactics but is much more effective than other traditional forceful tactics.


The unconscious mind is very smart and if you try to abuse your skill and take advantage for negative purposes, then the unconscious mind will eventually start to distrust you and resist your suggestions. It’s important that you have the best intentions for everyone, and the message you project is a positive and uplifting one.

Ultimately, this is how to make the most out of using stealth tactics as a covert hypnosis technique, as the better your subject feels, the better you will feel also which means that the hypnotic experience will be more successful.


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