A Guide to Mind Reading

Everybody has the ability to read minds. We’re not talking about the super-hero type of mind reading where you could look into someone’s mind and tell exactly what they are thinking about word-for-word.

We are speaking of the type of mind reading abilities that we all have to some extent.

This type of mind reading could also be called intuition or the power of observance. If we did not have this ability to some extent, getting through each day would be difficult.

We all use our mind reading abilities every day, we use this ability to know how a person will react to a certain situation or question beforehand.

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An example of this is when you ask a co-worker if they’ll lend you a hand getting your work done. If you’ve worked with this person for any length of time you’ll have a good idea of how they’ll react to your question before you even ask the question.

Couples that have been married for many years have a high degree of this type of mind reading when it comes to their partner.

Although we all have this ability, using our focusing attention on it can help you strengthen your ability to read the minds of those around you.

Goals of Mind Reading

For the average person, your goals of reading minds or predicting someone’s behavior are going to have practical applications.

mind reading in poker

Having the ability to accurately predict how someone will react to a certain situation will help you in any social situation.

Honing this ability can help you decide if you want to take a “risk” with someone you have not known for long.

For example, there is someone new in your office and you are considering asking him or her to lunch. If you have honed your mind reading abilities, it will not take you long to have a good idea what their response will be.

This is just one situation where having the ability to read someone’s mind can be extremely helpful, there are thousands of instances, from the mundane to the very important, where this ability is critical.

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Reading the Eyes

When reading the mind of someone your key tool is the eyes of the person to whom you are talking.

guide to mind reading through eye cues

When talking to someone, especially when you are asking him or her questions, ensure that you are making eye contact with them. The old saying that “the eyes are windows into the soul” is accurate.

When you are speaking with someone, their eyes can give you an abundance of information about what they are thinking, and how they are going to react to you and your question.In hypnosis, this is called eye cues (covered in our Top 7 Covert Hypnosis Techniques article).

With all people, their eyes and the area surrounding them are the most expressive region of the person.

While people can sometimes stop other parts of their bodies from showing what they are thinking, the movements of the eyes are much more difficult to stop or mask.

Once you have learned how to read thoughts and emotions in a person’s eyes you have taken a huge step in improving your ability to read the mind of anyone you interact with. This is especially important when you are interacting with someone for the first time.

Judging Body Language

Having the ability to judge the mental state of those you meet is called “theory of mind.” This skill can also be honed with practice. For most people this skill is learned early in life because it can help us in many different situations.

For instance, as kids we all learn how to read the mental state of our parents. If they are in a bad mood, we refrain from asking for money, or other favors that could bring down the wrath of mom or dad.

While this is not the type of mind reading where you know the exact words, thoughts, and images going through the mind of people, it is very close.

With practice, you can hone your skills of reading the eyes, facial gestures, body gestures, style of clothing and many other aspects of people to the point where you can accurately determine how someone will react in a given situation.

Those that increase their mind reading abilities can even effectively determine how a complete stranger will react.

Practice Mind Reading

As with any skill, the only way to increase your mind reading abilities is to practice these two skills. You can practice on anybody, your friends, family, co-workers, and even strangers.

mind reading by watching people

Practice looking into the eyes of everyone you talk with, every time you talk with him or her. You can practice judging the mood of everyone you’re near. Take time to be observant at all times.

For example, if you have a doctor’s appointment study the people in the waiting room with you. If the person across the room is taking deep breaths, fidgeting, and looking preoccupied you can make this educated deduction.

You can take the distant look in the person’s eyes, their frequent deep breaths, and the fact that they are in the doctor’s office and deduce that the person is worried about whatever procedure they are about to receive.

Depending on what you read in the person, you can find out if your guesses are accurate. You can start a conversation with the person and ascertain if you’ve made an accurate deduction.


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