5 Secrets Of The Hypnotic Gaze Induction

covert hypnosis techniquesHow do you actually begin putting someone in a hypnotic trance through the context of a normal everyday conversation?

The first thing that you should practice is the hypnotic gaze induction, which is considered semi-overt meaning that it can be covert but also very obvious.

It involves maintaining eye contact with someone but in an inviting manner rather than an aggressive one, and this sort of eye contact will send the right signals to that person.

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You’re not overpowering someone with your mental strength, neither are you transferring any sort of energy that will influence someone. In order for the hypnotic gaze to work, you need to add the physical aspects as well.

It’s such an effective method of induction and the following reasons explain how and why it works. Here are 5 secrets of the hypnotic gaze induction.

1) It Absorbs Attention

The very first thing that happens when you make eye contact with someone is that it grabs their attention, which is actually a very powerful method to draw someone in. Fixating attention is the first stage in the four-stage protocol.

Maintaining eye contact with someone whilst in a conversion means a lot on so many different levels. It’s polite and the person you’re looking at will feel obliged to respond, which is essential because response is the beginning of a the trance process leading to a hypnotic induction.

2) It Increases Responsiveness

Maintaining the hypnotic gaze will begin to raise tension levels between the hypnotist and their subject, and that same tension is what leads the subject to feel that they must respond in some sort of way.

As this primitive response behavior begins to grow stronger, it has the effect of actually bypassing one’s normal conscious critical thinking, and leads them to begin thinking on an unconscious and unbiased way of thinking.

3) A Hypnotic Trance Is Subtly Suggested

An important aspect of the hypnotic gaze induction is that you subtly communicate the hypnotic trance.

hypnotic gaze covert hypnosis technique

How this works is that by accessing a particular state or an altered state of consciousness yourself, you’re actually directing the subject to follow you in a non-verbal but powerful way.

Next, you need to look through that person. Look through their eyes and the roof of their nose and you’ll begin to notice some subtle distinctions at that moment. Looking through someone gives them a sense that you’re not actually looking at them, but you’re looking inside them.

4) Sub-Communicate Good Will

It’s extremely important to project good will to another person. Doing so will make that person open up a bit more, and it will increase their responsiveness to you, which is essential to get someone in a hypnotic trance.

If you were to project a sense of hostility or insecurity, then it’s likely that the subject will either project the same characteristics back to you, or you will repel them as they’ve become afraid of you.

Projecting good will goes back to building a strong rapport through positive body language and implanting good moods, which will give subtle suggestions to the subject on how to interact with you.

5) Exude Confidence And You Will Succeed

In order for you to lead someone into a hypnotic trance, you must believe and fully expect it to happen. You must be absolutely sure of yourself as any projection of insecurity and uncertainty will likely hinder the interaction.

In order to avoid failure, you must avoid sub-communicating any type of expectation of failure by avoiding the normal defense behaviors that people who are unsure of something do. These include:

  • Excessive blinking
  • Teary eyes
  • Yawning
  • Quick and nervous glances away
  • Shifting of your physiology and body language
  • Fidgeting
  • Speed and rhythm of how you talk

If you sub-communicate these things, then it tells the other person that you’re not confident. A firm and steady gaze with a deep and comfortable breathing pattern exudes confidence.

Now if the subject is doing these normal defense mechanisms (or/and trance signals), this is a great sign because it means that they’re building internal pressure and they’re responding to you in the way you want them to.

This could mean that the subject either is going into a trance, or they have the potential to, in which case you must build up that potential so it becomes so strong that any resistance to the hypnotic trance is almost inescapable.


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