10 Trance Signals In Covert Hypnosis

So you’ve implemented your covert hypnosis techniques to put someone in a hypnotic trance unconsciously, but how do you know that they’re actually in a trance?

There are actually quite a few signs that indicate when someone is in a hypnotic trance, some of them are obvious by appearance while others are a lot more subtle. Let’s take a look at 10 of them.

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1) Pupil Dilation

This is usually one of the first signs of someone being in a hypnotic trance. The pupils of the subject will begin to dilate and get larger, a sign of being relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

2) Pulse Changes

There are ways to tell when a pulse slows down or speeds up (depending on the message you’re conveying) just by looking at certain areas of the body where blood vessels are most visible, such as the neck and ankle.

3) Breathing Pattern Changes

You would want to also look out for changes in someone’s usual breathing pattern because it’s directly related to a person’s state of mind.

You should use your peripheral vision to not make it obvious, especially with women, look at the chest area and shoulders to see how it rises in accordance with their breathing.

4) Facial Features Smooth’s Out

As the muscles underlying your subject’s face begins to relax, you’ll notice that their facial features starts to smooth out as they’re entering a trance. The face also becomes more balanced and symmetrical as a result.

5) Attention Absorbed

Woman in a trance like state

As attention is fully absorbed by means of covert hypnosis, you can see specific details about their attention such as their eyes are fixated at one point in space, with little to no movement and they may also be glazed.

6) Blink Reflex Changes

Changes in a person’s blinking, whether it’s faster or slower, are both positive signs of a trance response. Sometimes, they may stop blinking altogether, which is an indication that the muscles in their eyes have become frozen, what’s known as cataleptic.

7) Swallowing Mechanism Changes

Typically, when someone first goes into a trance, they’ll begin to swallow more frequently which will then slow down after a few minutes, then sometimes will even stop altogether.

8) Heavy Eyelids

One of the more obvious signs of a trance response is when your subject’s eyelids begin to get heavy or tired, and they start closing as a result. In covert hypnosis, their eyes won’t close all the way and will remain open as they’re still consciously aware that they’re in a conversation with you.

9) Movement Immobility

If you meet someone who initially has a lot of hand gestures and body movement during conversation, and gradually all these movements slow down and stop entirely, it usually means that they’ve entered an altered state of mind.

10) Involuntary Muscle Twitches

When sometime goes into a trance, you may see facial twitches or sometimes their shoulders may twitch also. This means that their muscles are going through a sort of cathartic process which is a sign that they’re beginning to relax.


There are a few a more trance signals which are much more subtle and harder to identify if you’re not experienced, but the aforementioned are some more common and easier to spot ones.

Infact, people go into trances all the time during interactions, so try to spot as many as you can. This way, it will make your task much easier when you’re performing the initial stages of covert hypnosis.


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